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MITRE ATT&CK & Security Visibility: Looking Beyond Endpoint Data – Mike Nichols – PSW #651

May 15, 2020

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In this episode of Paul's Security Weekly, we will dive into the recently published MITRE ATT&CK second-round evaluation based on APT29. While MITRE does not declare a "winner," stressing that the results enable users to make informed decisions on what tools meet their needs, It's notable how many vendors claimed victory shortly after the results were published. We will discuss how organizations can interpret the results relative to their own security strategy using the free and open ATT&CK visualization dashboard developed by Elastic. And, since the ATT&CK framework is built to help defenders find the gaps in their security visibility, we will also cover the importance of looking at data beyond the endpoint to develop a comprehensive, extended detection and response position.

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MITRE ATT&CK & Security Visibility: Looking Beyond Endpoint Data

Elastic Dashboard of MITRE ATT&CK® Round 2 Evaluation Results:


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