In the leadership and communications section, Why 67% of companies fear they can't sustain privacy compliance, How Using An Old School Paper Planner Changed My Life, How to attract top talent in a competitive hiring market, and more!

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Companies Can't Sustain Privacy, Old School Paper Planner, Attracting Top Talent

  • Why 67% of companies fear they can't sustain privacy compliance - True privacy depends on where and how data travels. Privacy requires business commitment as data travels and accumulates. Keeping track of data, wherever it migrates to, will keep companies compliant — not a privacy policy hidden at the bottom of a website.
  • General Mills expands C-suite with new tech role - Jaime Montemayor, former chief technology officer at 7-Eleven, will become chief digital and technology officer of General Mills on Feb. 24. CIO Don Monk will report to Montemayor. Montemayor will oversee the IT and Technology Solutions teams, and will lead digital transformation efforts, including boosting data and analytics capabilities.
  • Research: Why We’re Incentivized by Discounts and Surcharges - In four studies, with nearly 2,000 participants, we find that the structure of an incentive—as either a surcharge or a discount—sends a subtle message to people about what others think and do. As social animals, humans are highly motivated to fit in with their peers—that is, to follow what they perceive to be a social norm. Shifting social norms is particularly appealing not only to motivate behavior in the moment, but also because it can lead to lasting behavioral changes.
  • Present Your Data Like a Pro - How you present data can double — or decimate — its impact, so take note of these seven ways to ensure that your data is doing its job.
  1. Make sure your data can be seen
  2. Focus most on the points your data illustrates
  3. Share one — and only one — major point from each chart
  4. Label chart components clearly
  5. Visually highlight “Aha!” zones
  6. Write a slide title that reinforces the data’s point
  7. Present to your audience, not to your data
  1. Understand the role of content in a recruitment campaign
  2. Tailor the message
  3. Use storytelling
  4. Nurture your candidate pipeline


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