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AWS Lambda, Bleedingbit, and Cisco – Paul’s Security Weekly #581

November 5, 2018
AWS Security Best Practices, Masscan and massive address lists, Bleedingbit vulnerabilities, and Cisco Zero-Day exploited in the wild, ! All that and more, on this episode of Paul's Security Weekly!

Paul's Stories

  1. Web Security Stats Show XSS & Outdated Software Are Major Problems
  2. AWS Security Best Practices: AWS Lambda Security Design for Failure
  3. Employee used US government network for adult websites, infected infrastructure with Russian malware
  4. Bleedingbit Bluetooth Vulnerabilities Expose WiFi APs to Risk
  5. Security researchers find flaws in chips used in hospitals, factories and stores
  6. Not Every Security Flaw Is Created Equal
  7. Cisco Zero-Day Exploited In The Wild To Crash And Reload Devices
  8. This One Weird Trick Turns Your Google Home Hub Into A Doorstop
  9. Masscan and massive address lists
  10. Best Practices for Threat Hunting in Large Networks
  11. 9 Traits of A Strong Infosec Resume
  12. Federal Employees Porn Infects Government Network With Malware

Larry's Stories

  1. The “Ping of Death” in Apple products
  2. Hooray for embedding video in Word docs, because reasons
  3. Microsoft, making an attacker’s job harder (never thought I’d say that)
  4. BLE chip vulnerability exposes millions of devices

Jason's Stories

  1. Equifax Has Chosen Experian. Wait, What? - Not exactly security related, but ROFL!
  2. Buying Used Voting Machines on eBay
  3. Nice work if you can get it: GandCrab ransomware nets millions even though it has been broken
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