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Cloud Native Security Platforms – John Morello – ASW #143

March 15, 2021

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Modern appsec demonstrates the importance of a cloud native strategy for enterprise security and how much that strategy must integrate with DevOps tools and workflows. Security solutions need to come from a cohesive platform that addresses the problems DevOps teams face in how they’re building apps today.

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Full Episode Show Notes

Cloud Native Security Platforms


John Morello

John Morello - VP of Product at Palo Alto Networks

John Morello is the VP of Product at Palo Alto Networks and the former Chief Technology Officer at Twistlock. Prior to that John was a CISO at a Fortune 500 global chemical company. Before that he spent 14 years at Microsoft, in both Microsoft Consulting Services and product teams. He ran feature teams that shipped security technologies in Windows, Azure, and Office 365 and was the lead consultant on several security projects at the White House. John lives in Louisiana with his wife and two young sons. A passionate fisherman and scuba diver, he's also a long time board member of the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.


Adrian Sanabria

Adrian Sanabria - Senior Research Engineer at CyberRisk Alliance


Adrian is an outspoken researcher that doesn't shy away from uncomfortable truths. He loves to write about the security industry, tell stories, and still sees the glass as half full.

Mike Shema

Mike Shema - Product Security Lead at Square


Mike Shema is the Product Security Lead of Square


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