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Docker Security In The Enterprise – Enterprise Security Weekly #51

July 2, 2017

Love it or hate it, Docker (and containers) are here to stay. Embrace change in this segment where Paul and Apollo discuss using Docker in the enterprise. We cover security considerations, deployment scenarios and much more!

Enterprise Security Considerations for Docker

During this segment we covered the following in great detail:
  1. While Docker allows for developers to be more flexible and platform independent, in a way in makes them a developer+systems administrator
  2. Docker introduces some complexity, but if you can overcome the complexity it is more manageable. This seems backwards and the security concern lies within the complexity.
  3. The distributed environment could allow for better security.
  4. Using public images does not allow for better security
  5. Does Docker make it easier to move from development to staging/QA to production?
  6. Does Docker increase or decrease your attack surface? Or, is it the same attack surface, just more modular?
  7. Docker allows containers to communicate, how secure is the containerization and communications?
  8. Can't we just deploy our applications using virtualization?


  1. Why Docker Cant Solve All Your Problems in the Cloud
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