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EdgeEngine, Cloud-Native, and Orkus – Enterprise Security Weekly #117

November 29, 2018
tackPath launches EdgeEngine Serverless Computing, Alcide advances Cloud-Native security Firewall platform, Orkus launches Access Governance platform for Cloud Security, Tufin announces a new Cloud Security solution, and more!

Enterprise News

  1. CodeSonars Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio
  2. Aqua Security Announces First Consumption-Based Container Security Solution Available on AWS Marketplace for Containers
  3. StackPath Launches EdgeEngine Serverless Computing - Be Korea-savvy
  4. Alcide Advances Cloud-Native Security Firewall Platform
  5. Orkus Launches Access Governance Platform for Cloud Security
  6. Acceptto Introduces Cognitive Authentication for Identity Security
  7. BluVector Awarded Additional Patent for Machine Learning in Cybersecurity
  8. Tufin Announces New Cloud Security Solution
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