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The Unicorn Project, Bezos, AI Facial, FBI Seizes A Domain – SWN #6

January 27, 2020



Welcome to the Security Weekly News Wrap up for the Week of 19 - January - 2020. Bezos got hacked?

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The Unicorn Project, Bezos, AI Facial, FBI Seizes A Domain

  1. NY Times Cites Saudi Crown Prince as Source of Bezos phone hack
  2. Saudi Phone hack may have started during Amazon/Aramco deal
  3. The Unicorn Project
  4. The Phoenix Project
  5. Tomato routers added to scanner list of Muhstik Malware
  6. Bezos phone hack and tech report
  7. What happens when you don't update an end of life product?
  8. NSA offers guidance on cloud flaw mitigation
  9. Microsoft says that 250 million customer records may have been exposed.
  10. AI facial recognition may be coming to your neighborhood soon
  11. Your privacy may be going away and AI facial recognition is the least of your worries.
  12. Congress holding hearings on AI Facial Recognition
  13. Sundar Pichai of Google/Alphabet calls for EU style AI regulation
  14. But...The Whitehouse prefers a light touch and doesn't want to risk limiting innovation by banning AI
  15. Facebook ordered by MA judge to hand over information about apps which violated privacy as the lawsuit drags on
  16. FBI seizes a domain and people are arrested for hosting stolen credentials, 12 billion of them supposedly.
  17. A DirectTV satellite may explode in geostationary orbit.


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