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VIVOTEK, Moneris, and AlgoSec – Enterprise Security Weekly #76

January 20, 2018
In the news, privileged account management into the hybrid cloud, VIVOTEK and Trend Micro announce strategic partnership, Moneris partners with Kount to expand fraud protection services for Canadian online businesses, AlgoSec delivers complete end-to-end visibility and security management across the entire hybrid environment, and more enterprise security news!

Enterprise News

  1. Taking privileged account management into the hybrid cloud - What is their one thing? They talk about support for Azure and Google Cloud, and how they rock at Linux/UNIX PIM.
  2. VIVOTEK and Trend Micro Announce Strategic Partnership in Cyber Security - How big is this problem? VIVOTEK, the IP surveillance solution provider, and Trend Micro Incorporated , the cyber security solutions, announced a strategic partnership to offer cutting-edge cyber-defense solutions. With VIVOTEK’s profound experience in IP surveillance and Trend Micro’s extensive expertise in cybersecurity, the partnership enables users to enjoy higher levels of network security when deploying VIVOTEK’s network cameras and strengthen defenses in response to the emerging security challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT).
  3. ServiceNow expert article: an automation manifest - Educate for empathy and champion creativity - Emotional intelligence (EI) plays a role in everything. People skills are already incredibly important, but will be in even higher demand in the future. Any job that benefits from the EI, that only humans can provide, will be in high demand. We need to look at ways to educate for empathy, so that the workforce of tomorrow will have the soft skills to thrive in the future. The same is true of creativity.
  4. Moneris partners with Kount to expand fraud protection services for Canadian online businesses
  5. AlgoSec Delivers Complete End-to-End Visibility and Security Management Across the Entire Hybrid Environment - They use the word "visibility" a dozen times in this short post. What does it mean? AlgoSec released the AlgoSec Security Management Solution version 2017.3. In this new version, AlgoSec continues to invest in delivering new capabilities that provide complete end-to-end visibility, analysis and management across cloud and on-premise hybrid enterprise networks.
  6. Coalfire - Coalfire Blog - Has Your O365 Account Been Hacked? Microsoft recommends: Essentially, it is recommended that you require multi-factor authentication, audit and review the logs for access, enable anti-spam and anti-malware protection within an endpoint security solution, and configure and utilize Data Loss Prevention (DLP), which allows you to identify sensitive data and create policies to help prevent the sharing of that data.
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