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A Global Assessment of Legalized Government Access to Data – Andrea Little Limbago – BH21 #1

August 4, 2021

There has been a growing interest in exploring if and where private sector companies are obliged to turn over data to a foreign government in exchange for market access. My Black Hat presentation introduces a new global index of countries based on government-mandated data access requirements and why this should be factored into growing global assessments of cyber risk. Visit to view the Live Stream and previously recorded micro-interviews.

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A Global Assessment of Legalized Government Access to Data


Andrea Little Limbago

Andrea Little Limbago - Vice President, Research & Analysis at Interos


Dr. Andrea Little Limbago is a computational social scientist specializing in the intersection of technology, national security, and cybersecurity. As the Vice President of Research and Analysis at Interos, Andrea leads the company’s research and analytic work modeling global supply chain risk, with a focus on globalization, cybersecurity, and geopolitics. She previously was the Chief Social Scientist at Virtru and Endgame, a technical lead in the Department of Defense, and taught in academia.


Josh Marpet

Josh Marpet - Executive Director at RM-ISAO


Executive Director, RM-ISAO Co-founder, MJM Growth IANS Faculty Blockchain Patent Holder MISTI Instructor Entrepreneurship Curmudgeon Board Member BSidesDE Board Member BSidesDC Ex-cop and Fireman

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