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Coalfire, Swimlane, Shift in Security Solutions, and Twistlock 2.3 – Enterprise Security Weekly #74

January 4, 2018
Doctors make the best rappers, 3 innovative security companies, DevOps will be a thing, integrate products swimmingly, AI and Machine Learning in the hands of bad actors, and serverless security capabilities.

Enterprise News

  1. How 3 innovative products approach network security
  2. Coalfire - Healthcare Security Pros Prioritize Sharing and Caring in the Wild, Wild West of Healthcare
  3. Fewer Gates, More Guardrails: DevSecOps Lessons Learned in 2017 - The keynote was delivered by Dr. Zubin Damania (alias ZDogg, MD) – a physician turned hip-hop rapper, who put his message to music with an entertaining medley of songs coupled with observations about the changing landscape of patient care – known as Healthcare 3.0. If we could hitch our security programs to the high energy level that Dr. Damania demonstrated, we’d have a huge head start in 2018.
  4. Swimlane Announced RSA InteroperabilityThe RSA Archer Suite works swimmingly with the Swimlane offering, as the pairing promises improved visibility and control to ensure compliance demands are met.
  5. Will We See a Shift in Security Solutions in 2018? - Steve Grobman, CTO for McAfee, also sounded a warning about AI and ML, saying in a formal release that adversaries will also be using these technologies for nefarious practices.
  6. Twistlock 2.3 Advances Container Security with Serverless Support - Among the new features in the Twistlock 2.3 release in an improved Cloud Native App Firewall (CNAF), per-layer vulnerability analysis functionality, application aware system call defense and new serverless security capabilities.
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