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Drobo Exploit, Docker Escape, SMBv3.11 – PSW #644

March 23, 2020

SANS Penetration Testing | Microsoft SMBv3.11 Vulnerability and Patch CVE-20200796 Explained, Drobo 5N2 4.1.1 - Remote Command Injection, $100K Paid Out for Google Cloud Shell Root Compromise, WordPress, Apache Struts Attract the Most Bug Exploits, Run Docker nginx as Non-Root-User.

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Drobo Exploit, Docker Escape, SMBv3.11

Scan for SMB 3.11: nmap -p445 --open --script smb-protocols -Pn -n | grep -P 'd+.d+.d+.d+|^|.s+3.11' | tr 'n' ' ' | sed -e 's/Nmap scan report for/n/g; s/|//g; s/_//g'

WordPress, Apache Struts Attract the Most Bug Exploits - We have the tools and processes to fix this already, but many organizations don't do it, therefore I somewhat disagree with these statements: Even if best application development practices are used, framework vulnerabilities can expose organizations to security breaches.

Run Docker Nginx as Non-Root-User - In Docker, this is a problem as it means the container will drop you into root-level privileges by default for a shell (exploit or with docker exec -ti). So, for Docker, make sure you change this as the Docker Hub image for Nginx runs as root! They should really change this.


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