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The World Runs On Open-Source, But Who’s Paying For Gas? – ASW #88



In the Application Security News, GitHub Seeks Security Dominance With Developers, IoT and Agile Framework Partners in Efficacy, WhiteSource acquires & open sources Renovate dependency update tool set, and Java vs. Python: Which should you choose? So stay tuned, for Application Security Weekly!

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The World Runs On Open-Source, But Who's Paying For Gas?

  1. IoT and Agile Framework Partners in Efficacy - One thing missing here is the contract with security. Sure, Agile works to ensure the requirements are met for the customer, but what are the security requirements and who is testing for them?
  2. Top 10 Useful GitHub Repos That Every Developer Should Follow - GeeksforGeeks - I wish I had found this 8 months ago! Some great examples.
  3. GitHub Seeks Security Dominance With Developers - CodeQL, obtained from its acquisition of Semmle in September 2019, is being provided free-of-charge to open source developers and academic researchers. The goal is to build up a library of CodeQL queries that can detect security flaws in an automated fashion, and GitHub has created financial incentives under a bug bounty program with two main payout classes: individual bugs and broader, cross-ecosystem bug types.
  4. Java vs. Python: Which should you choose? - As applications become more distributed, in containers and access each other via API, conceivably you could have both in your application. What does this mean for security?
  5. WhiteSource acquires & open sources Renovate dependency update toolset - Open Source Insider - Founder of Renovate Rhys Arkins explains that Renovate was developed because running user-facing applications with outdated dependencies is not a serious option for software projects – or at least it shouldn’t be. As we know, using outdated dependencies increases the likelihood of unfixed bugs and increases the quantity and impact of security vulnerabilities within software applications.
  6. Which movies or series about programming would you recommend? - Just wanted to mention "Halt and Catch Fire", which I thought was awesome (So did this person).
  7. THE WORLD RUNS ON OPEN-SOURCE, BUT WHOS PAYING FOR GAS? - It's a great point: Thousands of open source projects are abandoned every year by their developers, leaving their users in a bind. That is a big issue for the companies who spend billions of dollars every year for handling obsolete, undocumented and generally unmaintained open source projects used in their commercial software. When a company assigns a $50/hr developer to fix a bug in a ‘free’ piece of software, it stops being free. Why not pay the original developer for a great open source project that frees corporate resources to tackle mission-critical tasks?
  8. SOLID Principles of Object-Oriented Design - When starting to write Object-Oriented programing the SOLID principles could be difficult to understand and, if they are understood, see where and when to apply them is not trivial. But they are an example of one of the most important things in software development, practice and experience will make you apply these principles in a very natural and intuitive way. - I also think you end up with more secure software...
  9. TOP 10 ALGORITHMS EVERY SOFTWARE ENGINEER SHOULD KNOW BY HEART - from the comments on this article: Software Engineering is about problem solving and creatively composing code to do complex things. Not rote memorizing of common knowledge..
  10. Microsoft: We're creating a new Rust-like programming language for secure coding | ZDNet


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