Blaming Russia, compromising Apple’s facial recognition, books to give to your 30-year old self, malware on NSA employee computers, and more security news!

Paul's Stories

  1. DoD's Vuln Disclosure Program Racks Up 2,837 Security Flaws
  2. The Motherboard Guide To Not Getting Hacked
  3. UK Security Chief Blames Russia For Hacks
  4. Oracle Releases Security Alert
  5. Microsoft Patches 17-Year-Old Office Bug
  6. Cash Converters Reveals Data Breach
  7. Apples Face ID security fooled by simple face mask
  8. Webroot security predictions 2018
  9. DJI Bug Bounty NDA Is 'Not Signable', Say Irate Infosec Researchers
  10. Forget APTs: Let's Talk about Advanced Persistent Infrastructure
  11. Books Id give to my 30yr old self
  12. A Boeing 757 was hacked remotely while it sat on the runway
  13. Attacks Exploit Microsoft Dynamic Data Exchange Protocol
  14. 121 Pieces of Malware Flagged on NSA Employee's Home Computer

Jeff's Stories

  1. DHS Remotely Hacks a Boeing 757 Sitting on a Runway
  2. Deloitte Ranked #1 by Gartner in Security Consulting for 5th Consecutive Year
  3. Deloitte Breach (for reference)
  4. Are the Aftereffects of a Cyberattack as Damaging as the Initial Impact?
  5. How Bad is it for Equifax?
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