Go Development Tools, ThreatQuotient, and Bay Dynamics – Enterprise Security Weekly #61

September 15, 2017

Paul and Matt discuss Bay Dynamics and VMware joining forces, the confessions of an insecure coder, Flexera acquiring BDNA, and more enterprise security news!

Enterprise News

  1. Confessions of an Insecure Coder - Earlier in your education learn software engineering, entering into your career you have to know secure software development. We are teaching everything too late, and this is a great example.
  2. Go Development Tools for Testing and Hot Reloading - If you are doing web application assessments, or have applications to secure using Go, you may want to read up, I think we will see more of this language and associated frameworks.
  3. ThreatQ News ThreatQuotient and PhishMe Partner - This sounds good to me: By integrating PhishMe Intelligence into the ThreatQ Threat Library, security teams are able to ingest indicators of phishing including payload URLs, command and control servers, malicious file hashes, and IP addresses. The ability to import human-readable reports allow analysts to easily link indicators with context; as well as extract and store phishing campaigns, malware families and artifacts. ThreatQ automates much of an analyst’s process to help accelerate the transformation of data into actionable intelligence, and give unmatched control over their threat operations and management.
  4. Bay Dynamics Joins VMware Mobile Security Alliance to Enable Risk-Based Authentication & Authorization :: :: - I wish I knew what this really means: integration between Bay Dynamics' flagship cyber risk analytics platform, Risk Fabric®, and the VMware Workspace ONE digital workspace platform powered by VMware AirWatch technology will enable risk-based authentication and authorization for remote users.
  5. Flexera to Acquire BDNA So: BDNA transforms enterprise asset data by enriching it with market context to vastly simplify integrations, improve decision-making and accelerate business transformation. Okay, but what problem are you trying to solve?
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