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Hackable; How to do Application Security Right – Ted Harrington – ASW #141

March 1, 2021

In looking at how to do application security right we talk about understanding the difference between defining types of security testing and the goals that security testing should be aiming for. Plus, we highlight how doing security right also means shifting left in terms of addressing security issues in the design phase. And throughout all this is the importance of being able to communicate security principles and how your design and testing reduces risk.

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Full Episode Show Notes

Hackable; How to do Application Security Right


Ted Harrington

Ted Harrington -

Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators


John Kinsella

John Kinsella -

Chief Architect at Accurics

Matt Alderman

Matt Alderman -

Executive Director at CyberRisk Alliance

Mike Shema

Mike Shema -

Product Security Lead at Square


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