Leadership Articles – BSW #148

October 22, 2019



In the leadership and communications section, Two Big Reasons that Digital Transformations Fail, DevSecOps model requires security get out of its comfort zone, 3 things CIOs should discuss with the CEO to optimize cybersecurity, and more!

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Leadership Articles

  1. Unspoken disagreement among top managers about goals
  2. A divide between the digital capabilities supporting the pilot and the capabilities available to support scaling it
  1. Choose your Tasks Proactively, Don’t Let Them Choose You
  2. Pick the Tasks that are Important, not just Urgent
  3. Choose the Tasks that are related to your GOALS
  4. Choose the tasks that make other things on your To-Do list OBSOLETE, FASTER or EASIER
  5. If you are still unsure what to focus on, pick the task that makes you the most UNCOMFORTABLE
  1. 'A light touch'
  2. Risk-based security strategy
  3. DevSecOps chops
  1. Adjust IT governance according to the business
  2. Business-driven quantitative risk measurement
  3. Business collaboration first; then, compliance comes naturally
  • Meet the CIOs of today: Resumes vary while scope widens - The CIO's role depends on a company’s age, scale, industry and business-specific needs at any given time, but these are common traits for the new CIO role:
    • The board and the CEO prioritize value creation rather than efficiency
    • Technology leaders are members of the executive teams and collaborate with business
    • Focus remains on speed and agility
  • Gartner: How to succeed as a CIO with a non-IT background - Here are three ways a CIO from a non-IT background can lean on their strengths and close their knowledge gaps to succeed in the role:
  1. Learn your team's working life and assess the effectiveness of the IT operation
  2. Leverage your business experience
  3. Acquire a helicopter view of your enterprise IT architecture and a grounded view of the game-changer technologies


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