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Ashley Madison Sextortion, Iowa, 3D Brains – SWN #10

February 10, 2020



Welcome to the Security Weekly News Wrap up for the Week of 2 - February - 2020. Ashley Madison, BADASSARMY, Security Through Obscurity in Iowa, all the show notes, and more on this episode of Security Weekly News Wrap Up.

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Ashley Madison Sextortion, Iowa, 3D Brains

Threat of the Week: Security Through Obscurity
https://www.instapaper.com/read/1275238041"> Breach of the Week: Ashley Madison Sextortion
Read up on: Hacking Back and BADASS (see Paul's Security Weekly Number 638 for this segment)

  1. Badass Army, helping with online shaming and revenge porn. Check it out.
  2. Sudo bug let's non privileged Linux and macOS users run commands as root.
  3. I sabotaged My Boss with Ransomware from the Dark Web.
  4. Companies and employees embrace BYOD...
  5. Researchers develop a 3d Brain on a chip device at Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
  6. A bluetooth security flaw could let hackers track devices.
  7. For zero trust to work, machines and humans require identification.
  8. 61% of Businesses surveyed had moved away from a commercial app due to appsec concerns.
  9. and of course the Iowa app debacle.
  10. Iowa app.
  11. Kryptos cipher number 4 still unbroken after 3 decades in front of the CIA HQ.
  12. But the NSA broke the first three a lot faster than anyone else, secret NSA documents show.
  13. Tesla Mobileye autopilots can be duped by projected images.
  14. Maybe Deep Learning can learn to drive a vehicle.
  15. Hue Bulbs can lead to network hacks.
  16. How to hack airgapped machines.
  17. Video of airgapped attack.
  18. Performance artist used 99 phones to fake a google maps traffic jam.
  19. Google Maps hack video by Simon Weckert


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