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Work From Home Cyber Security – Jerry Chen – PSW #656

Hackers know that more people are working from home now and accessing/ sending/ sharing sensitive company data through their home networks. How can businesses help employees secure their home networks?Visit for all the latest episodes!
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Work From Home Cyber Security

1. What is the best way to separate the family and entertainment devices from people's work computers at home?
2. While many focus on blocking incoming traffic, which is important, what can we block egress in the home to improve security?
3. How does one block ads and balance security with usability given that there are many false positives with ad blocking systems?
4. What are the best methods today to prevent family members from consuming inappropriate content within an application or website (e.g. YouTube)?
5. How can we best monitor IoT devices, determine if they are vulnerable and remmediate the vulnerabilities in our home networks?


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