As advancements have been made in technologies new surveillance tools have been designed giving those charged with protecting citizen’s additional opportunities to prevent crimes or identify those who have violated laws or policies. While innovation has introduced a variety of new platforms there remains a concern of if the implementation of them is ethical. Additionally, there are concerns that surveillance has been and continues to be unequally applied.

Our guest for this segment is Dr. Kevin Harris, the Program Director for Information Systems Security and Information Technology Management at American Public University.

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The Ethics of Surveillance

The discussion in this segment will focus on: the tools and benefits of surveillance, including consumer alarms, doorbells, cameras, motion detection, audio/video surveillance, and smart devices. Governmental technology such as body cameras, gunshot detection, drones, smartphones, redlight cameras. Privatization of surveillance including corporate-owned devices to monitor employees and/or the public, ISP monitoring, spending habits, social media, and medical data. Questions arise when multiple organizations use data, including accessing corporate surveillance systems, centrally stored data accessed by multiple agencies (jurisdiction), tracking across devices or platforms, shared consumer data, and access to DNA profiles. Ethical Considerations include security vs. privacy and the dangers of targeting specific demographics including religious groups, activists, and ethnic groups and AI biases in surveillance (gender & racial).


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[caption id="attachment_210" align="alignleft" width="120"]Dr. Kevin Harris Dr. Kevin Harris - Program Directory Cybersecurity [/caption]


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