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Information Sharing – A 360 Degree View, Part 2 – Errol Weiss – SCW #68

April 6, 2021

Errol will talk about his experiences with information sharing and building the world’s first Information Sharing & Analysis Center in 1999. Errol brings unique perspective to the table as he was the service provider behind the Financial Services ISAC, then a subscriber and ISAC member for 13 years in the banking and finance sector.

Segment Resources:
National Council of ISACs – great resource to find out about all the different ISACs


Information Sharing Best Practices Toolkit: Visit for all the latest episodes!

Full Episode Show Notes

Information Sharing - A 360 Degree View, Part 2


Errol Weiss

Errol Weiss - Chief Security Officer at Health-ISAC


Errol Weiss joined Health Information Sharing & Analysis Center (Health-ISAC) in April 2019 as its first Chief Security Officer. Errol created and staffed Health-ISAC's Threat Operations Center in Titusville. Florida, providing members with meaningful and actionable threat intelligence relevant for IT and Infosec professionals in the healthcare sector. Errol has over 25 years of experience in Information Security. He began his career with the National Security Agency (NSA) conducting vulnerability analyses and penetrations of classified government systems and then spent ten years delivering Information Security Services for Fortune-100 companies. Errol is one of four named inventors on the patent for Trusted and Anonymous Information Sharing and was responsible for the creation, implementation and operation of the world’s first ISAC.


Jeff Man

Jeff Man - Sr. InfoSec Consultant at Online Business Systems


Cryptanalyst, infosec analyst, pioneering ex-NSA pen tester, PCI specialist and certified security curmudgeon. Currently a Sr. InfoSec Consultant for Online Business Systems.

Josh Marpet

Josh Marpet - COO at Red Lion


COO of Red Lion IANS Faculty Blockchain Patent Holder MISTI Instructor Entrepreneurship Curmudgeon Board Member BSidesDE Board Member BSidesDC Ex-cop and Fireman

Kat Valentine

Kat Valentine - Compliance Free Agent (Consultant) at Osmosis Security


Getting her start with phones and computers at the early age of 6, Kat decided to put fear of success and failure aside to start Osmosis Security, a boutique security firm that supported her vision of what the professional hacker community should be focused on. Kat had humble beginnings and started her career working technical support for a local dial-up ISP in 1998. Since then, Kat worked in many different roles, from network voice engineer, vulnerability researcher to auditor, and is responsible for the secure and compliant design of several well-known cloud providers, payment providers, security platforms and end user applications, including the first compliance automation platform.

Scott Lyons

Scott Lyons - CEO at Red Lion


CEO at Red Lion


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