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Top Ten List for 2018 – Enterprise Security Weekly #120

December 20, 2018
Paul, Matt Alderman, and John Strand talk Paul’s Top Ten List of 2018! They talk about Paul’s personal favorite acquisitions, breaches, vulnerabilities, interviews, attack tools, news articles, and more! Paul's Top Ten List for 2018:
  1. Top Productivity Tool: Hubspot
  2. Top Breach: Equifax
  3. Top Vulnerability: All of the Node.js library and add-on issues
  4. Favorite Security Weekly Technical Segment: PHP Type Juggling (Sven)
  5. Favorite 2019 Interview: Tie: Mandy and Dan Farmer & Weitse Venema
  6. Favorite New Startup: Bitdiscovery
  7. Favorite New Attack Technique: EternalSilance, Marcello
  8. Favorite News Article: Drones used to smuggle contraband into prison
  9. Favorite New Attack Tool: Everything MITRE ATT&CK Framework
  10. Favorite Cybersecurity Acquisition: Duo (By Cisco)
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