December 01, 2007 | SC Media

Print Issue: December 01, 2007

Look ahead: Search for pioneers


On the hunt for more innovative solutions to holistically safeguard organizations’ growing networks, Peter Stephenson pinpoints the product categories and solutions you might consider next year.

Industry innovators 2007: Security infrastructure


This group is ubiquitous in that it defines the security platform on which all other tools sit. Essentially, the security infrastructure is the child of the security architecture. It is no accident that most other enterprise and data protection tools are based on and, in fact, are intended for the enforcement of policy.

PGP Encryption

Industry innovators 2007: PGP Encryption


In discussing innovation with people from PGP, we made a very interesting discovery. What we classically think of as PGP encryption actually is only a small part of the view that the company has of the product line and the mission of the company.

Industry innovators 2007: Data protection


Why bother to protect the network if we cannot protect the information on it? If we think carefully about the entire notion of an information security architecture, we must admit that it is the data that drives our security strategy. The network is there to carry and store the data. But protecting the network is not enough to protect the data. So we picked three products that address the data directly.

Archer Technologies

Industry innovators 2007: Archer Technologies


It’s not enterprise security management anymore. According to visionaries from Archer Technologies, the old notion of enterprise security management has given way to risk and compliance management. For years IT risk managers were treated almost as second-class citizens because IT risk was viewed as a very small part of the overall risk picture.

Threat of the month: Corporate zombies

What is it? Zombies are not just infected home PCs; rogue malware can also infect corporate machines turning them into zombies or bots. How does it work?Browsing with unpatched IE makes users susceptible to “drive by” attacks from web sites with embedded malicious code. Clicking on a spam email attachment can also download the zombie…

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