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Industry innovators 2007: LogLogic


SIM/SEM — security information management or security event management — often is characterized as being log correlation and analysis. LogLogic entered the market as an early player and focused on log management. That is still, five years later, where the company puts its efforts.

Peter Stephenson, technology editor, SC Magazine

Product section: Our 2007 industry innovators


This is a very special issue to me and the team at SC Labs because it is based on a year of seeing the good and the not so good. We actually saw almost no bad products, so it was a pretty good year overall. It is special for you because it helps answer the question, “If we are going to buy security tools in the next 12 to 18 months, what should we be looking at?”

RazorThreat TAC

Industry innovators 2007: RazorThreat TAC


Every now and then we see, as Monty Python used to say “…something completely different.” The RazorThreat Threat Analysis Console is just such a product. The TAC, as RazorThreat refers to its product, analyzes inter-domain communications and determines through policy whether the communication is allowed or may be indicative of an attack.

Core Security Group

Industry innovators 2007: Core Security Impact


Iconsider the term “ethical hacking” an oxymoron, but it has become a part of the information assurance lexicon whether I agree or not. However, the practical fact is that true penetration testing is not hacking in any form whatever.

News briefs: Rockies rocked

The Colorado Rockies baseball club blamed a cyberattack for downing its online ticket sales operation before the World Series in October. The Rockies lost to the Boston Red Sox in four games, but their website was back up and running before the event. Both home games in Denver sold out. Experts said the incident resembled a distributed denial-of-service attack.

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