December 01, 2011 | SC Media

Print Issue: December 01, 2011

Perimeter defense

Being able to address problems at the application layer is a key aspect of protecting the ever-fading perimeter in the enterprise of the future.

Mobile device protection

If there is anything that characterizes today’s computing environment – beyond virtualization and the techniques that has fostered – it is the pervasiveness of mobile devices.


The infrastructure is everything about the enterprise that supports the applications and, therefore, protecting the data means protecting the infrastructure.

Forensic tools

Each year, we look at the burgeoning field of digital forensics and try to figure out which companies are doing the heavy lifting in terms of innovation.

Game play: A case study in security

Game play: A case study in security

It’s not all fun and games at Brady Distribution Co., a supplier of arcade entertainment, especially when malware and DDoS attacks are involved. Learn how the organization fought against the threat.


We would be hard-pressed to find many product categories in the security space that did not have some encryption component associated with them.

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