December 06, 2006 | SC Media

Print Issue: December 06, 2006

IT security reboot 2006: Top 5 influential security thinkers

In SC Magazine’s annual year-end roundup, the U.S. editorial team – with insight from our Editorial Advisory Board members – revisits the marketplace’s most inspiring and influential luminaries, leading industry happenings, notorious criminal minds, and top business developments. We also take a look at how the IT security landscape is looking in major vertical markets and unearth, based on recent research, just how the CISO’s roll may evolve in the coming year. In short this is our reboot of the year, its major goings-on, and the pros who sign off another year’s work done.

Roundup 2006: Get smart

If lapses in U.S. government security controls don’t scare you, perhaps this will: The federal government is in the throes of deploying one of the largest — if not the largest — public key infrastructure (PKI) environments known.

Roundup 2006: A healthy approach

Now that healthcare organizations are several years past Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliance deadlines, information security experts in the sector are taking the experience and the tools gained through compliance efforts to maximize their security programs in 2007.

Roundup 2006: Taking it to the bank

Banks usually tout putting money away for rainy days. They may encourage savvy budgeting so that times ahead can be comfortable. Insurance companies promote planning ahead, while lenders suggest ways of repaying loans in a timely fashion.

Roundup 2006: Do CISOs matter?

Those of us who follow the security industry understand that enterprise security has evolved over the past few years from a minor border skirmish to an all out war. In this conflict escalation, no one is more visible than the chief information security officer who acts as the general in charge of all equipment and troops. The question remains however: Do CISOs really add value or are they simply overpaid firewall administrators with no political clout or budget dollars?

SC Awards 2007 – Time to be counted

It’s that time again to pay homage to the IT security pros, companies and products that help safeguard the corporate world from growingly sophisticated internet threats. To kick off our annual tribute, this year’s SC Magazine Awards finalists are in.

It’s time to reboot all our systems

In this our end-of-the-year issue we decided to move beyond our top five listing of thought leaders who helped to drive various areas of IT security forward over the last 12 months. We wanted to revisit the events, the corporate happenings and all the people playing their parts in how this year shaped up for the marketplace.

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