February 01, 2006 | SC Media

Print Issue: February 01, 2006

Standing strong: Partnering for a robust IT backbone

Former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Tom Ridge says that no matter if discussions are about cyberterrorist attacks launched at federal agencies or cash-driven assaults targeted at large enterprises, cooperation and collaboration of federal and corporate efforts is crucial to protecting the nation’s IT backbone.

Cyberattackers take aim

Predictions, like fog, are hard to get your arms around, but here is one that will prove more than just a mere exercise in prophesizing: The next wave of security threats will be targeted attacks aimed at specific organizations or individuals within enterprises.

Ten ways to counterattack

Enterprise database infrastructures, which often contain the crown jewels of an organization, are subject to a wide range of attacks. The most critical of these are listed below, followed by recommendations for mitigating the risk of each.

Solutions for the mailstream

Ever since written communications began there has been a need to keep some of these communications more secure and private than others. Today, much of this written communication is exchanged through electronic mail, and yet email security still remains something of a blindspot for most organizations.

News briefs

Backup security tapes from the Orlando, Florida corporate offices of hotel giant Marriott International went missing in late December, leaving the personal information of more than 200,000 clients exposed.

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