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IT asset dollars and sense

When truth is stranger than fiction — as it often is in enterprise IT departments — managing technology assets securely can require a powerful imagination. Indeed, how IT departments cope with issues such as the obsoleting of hard drives and eliminating so-called “double-campers ” from their resources might well determine whether or not they can claim their IT assets are truly secure.

Safeguarding your inbox

Jill Cherveny-Keough never lowers her defenses. When she receives unsolicited email from an unknown source, Cherveny-Keough assumes it contains a worm, virus or verbiage that will attempt to collect and hijack her personal information.

Small Enterprise: Coupling reliability with efficiency

Smaller enterprises, companies with about 500 or fewer employees, have little of the luxuries that their larger counterparts boast. Although short on staff, resources and funding, they face the same types of information security threats as do mid-sized and large companies.

Medium enterprise: Layering for fast expansion

One day, you are the IT security pro for a tidy, small company with about 700 PCs on your mind. The next day, more than one thousand additional unique users plug into your system – each with the average 18-to-22-year-old’s collection of spyware and viruses stored on a range of PCs.

ID theft: beyond fear to opportunity

In the last few months, it has become nearly impossible to read a magazine or watch television without coming across a story about identity theft. Identity theft is causing a significant amount of angst among consumers and businesses alike.

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Outsourcing option

Unilever confirmed last month that it is discussing outsourcing parts of its finance, human resources and IT operations to Accenture and IBM. An outsourcing agreement would apply chiefly to Unilever’s European staff.

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