January 01, 2007 | SC Media

Print Issue: January 01, 2007

News briefs

Vista worldVista was released to corporate customers the same day as the latest version of the companys business suite, Microsoft Office 2007. Home consumers can buy the new Windows on Jan. 30. Microsoft has promised that Vista will offer increased and streamlined security as a more powerful and graphically dynamic operating system.

Sarbanes, Oxley pass torch

The swearing in of the 110th Congress this month marks the end of an era for IT security-related legislation, as both authors of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) will have retired to the private sector.

Company news

Richard Stiennon has joined Fortinet, maker of multi-threat security solutions, as its chief marketing officer. He will be charged with driving the firm’s market strategies and working with enterprise, carrier and managed service provider customers. He previously served as founder and chief research analyst of IT-Harvest.www.fortinet.com

Me and my job

Of what are you most proud in your job? I’m most proud of the employees of Arlington County who have adopted “common sense” cybersecurity thinking and made it a part of the way to perform their day-to-day assignments. The success of the security practice here in ARLCO is in no small measure the result of this intentional commitment by the employees to do what is best for the general government workforce.

It’s all about the hierarchy

Everyone’s talking about their preferred security organization of the future. Whether you’re a CSO, CISO, director, manager, security specialist, or whatever, you have an opinion about where the top person in the security group should report. I happen to think this is an essential factor in determining success for information security programs. Getting this right may even be more important than the number of CISSP-certified professionals your company boasts. Contrary to popular opinion, I think we should leave information security under the chief information officer (CIO).

Consider trust and reputation risks

I recently read an excellent study about the impact of security and privacy on brand reputation and customer loyalty. I was looking for some solid analytical data to prove my strong belief that security can be a “competitive advantage or differentiator.” This study, “Secure the Trust of Your Brand,” published by The CMO [chief marketing officer] Council, corroborates my convictions regarding the importance of security. It is worth downloading and showing all executives (www.cmocouncil.org).

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