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The hard sell: which key performance indicators to use in reports

The skill set required for the modern IT security professional is constantly changing — the moxie of malware authors, phishers and online scam artists ensures that. Employees working to keep networks and data safe increasingly need another trait they cant learn in a certification course or training session, say consultants and analysts. The IT security pro is now expected to be a great communicator, especially when using metrics and other statistics to explain a corporate IT strategy — and its results and shortcomings, to superiors.

The SC Magazine Awards – be great in 08

Just a week after taking home the Rookie Security Company of the Year prize at the 2007 SC Magazine Awards Gala, The 41st Parameter landed an unexpected meeting with an industry heavyweight. Ori Eisen, founder and chief innovation officer at the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based anti-fraud firm, says executives from Oracle who attended the annual awards ceremony were impressed with The 41st Parameter and wanted to learn more about the company after seeing it win.

Product section: Two important security issues dominate


A few months back, a major NATO exercise brought over 40 nations together to test the interoperability of their networks in a field environment. I was privileged to participate with three students from Norwich University who attended as interns. The interns were given the task of collecting information about the security postures of each of the participating nations and reporting back to Command. The nations then were given authority to operate on the exercise networks.

The SC Magazine Awards, a celebration of excellence


It may sound super early, but nominations are now open for our SC Magazine 2008 Awards. This means that its time for you to start considering throwing your company, products or IT security pros into the pool of contenders to be considered for our Reader Trust, Excellence and Professional categories.

News briefs

Campus exploit Hackers exploited an unpatched flaw and a disabled firewall to infiltrate a server at the University of Colorado, Boulder, compromising the personal information of nearly 45,000 students. Attackers exploited a flaw in Symantecs Norton AntiVirus to launch a worm into the server of the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Center, making off with student info.

Company news

Here are the latest happenings from the boardrooms of the IT security world.

After Estonia, Cyberwarfare in the U.S.?

The massive bot-enabled DDoS attacks that crippled Estonian government and business websites after officials moved a Russian World War II monument begged the question stateside: Can a similar cyber-event occur in America?

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