March 01, 2018 | SC Media

Print Issue: March 01, 2018

Going Soft: Nation-state attackers seek weaknesses in the system

When nationally backed bad actors from other countries seek areas to infiltrate, they are looking for areas where
they not only can get in, but they can make a big impact. Other than critical infrastructure, nation-states may also try to wheedle their way into financial systems, mobile applications, election technology, and ultimately, IoT devices.


The Russian bear in the room

I love our big ole’ bear who hails from Russia that illustrates our lead feature online and in our more traditional hard copy edition this month. He’s cheeky, haughty, seemingly quite savvy and definitely bold. These traits are trying to be conveyed with purpose, as he’s supposed to visually represent just one of the ways…

Playing Defense

While “going nuclear” in response to a cyberattack might be a good sound bite, cyber execs say building a stronger defense is a smarter path to take.

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