May 01, 2007 | SC Media

Print Issue: May 01, 2007

Product Reviews: Finjan Vital Security NG-6100

Supplier: Finjan UK Price: £17,000 excluding VAT for 2,000 users Contact: Despite the exponential increase in the number of threats to corporate networks, the majority of security solutions currently on the market only offer a reactive approach. A new threat or vulnerability is discovered and you have to wait while the vendor comes up…

The era of the big research lab is over, as market pressures gain influence over product development

Imagining what a high-tech security research center looks like might trigger for some people a vision of a huge laboratory with teams of scientists working diligently to create the next firewall or encryption device. That may be the right image for movies — or even accurate for many organizations these last few decades — but it is not the case for most of today’s information security technology developers.

For managed MPLS-based network migrations to be truly successful, enterprises must apply due diligence

In the enterprise world, data packets arriving a few milliseconds behind schedule can seem like an eternity for latency-sensitive applications. So it should come as no surprise that performance-reliant big businesses are increasingly migrating to a new data transmission technology to hasten the flow of their critical packets from one remote location to the next.

Product section: USB security and wireless security management


This month, we continued to see innovative approaches to security in the labs. We concentrated on two areas: reviewer Justin Peltier ran several wireless security products through the test procedures, while Lab Manager Mike Stephenson and I worked on USB security. What we found in both cases was that technologies we thought had matured still are breaking some new ground.

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