May 01, 2018 | SC Media

Print Issue: May 01, 2018

Will privacy be a stumbling block for blockchain?

Best known as the infrastructure underlying the wildly popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has really come into its own in the past year or so—being viewed, trialed and utilized as a means of better executing and sharing corporate documents, managing identity and authentication, even running an emerging social media network.

GDPR: It’s (just about) here

Like many college students who cram the night before a test – and some writers who test the limits of their editors’ patience with their procrastination – many companies have pushed off GDPR compliance, believing either it doesn’t apply to them, it’s too costly or overwhelming or they can afford to wait and see just how serious regulators are about admonishing and fining companies who falter on privacy.

Big mistake.

Maturing your security posture with UTM, SIEM

This month, SC Labs reviewed several UTM (Unified Threat Management) /NGFW (Next Generation Firewalls) and SIEM (Security Information and Event Monitoring) solutions. The products provided to SC Labs would be a great addition to any organization looking to mature their security posture.

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