November 05, 2009 | SC Media

Print Issue: November 05, 2009

Through the ages: A timeline

A lot has happened in the 20 years that SC Magazine has been covering the IT and information security marketplace. As the field has grown from a niche to the mainstream, we’ve followed and reported on every aspect – from the latest and greatest tools and services to business issues to cybercrime impacts on every sector.

Peter Stephenson, technology editor, SC Magazine

Twenty years of reporting on information security


There is a bit of everything here in our products section. We have over 30 contributors to a special piece on the evolution of the security business assembled on a product group basis. This is featured on the SC Magazine website, And the 20 security products that SC Magazine and I have liked best over the past 20 years.

SC Magazine Security Innovators Throwdown finalists announced

In session

The second annual SC World Congress brought together leading voices and key decision-makers in the IT security industry.

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