October 01, 2017 | SC Media

Print Issue: October 01, 2017

Autonomous Protection of Applications (and Cars)

By Edward Amoroso, TAG Cyber and Sharon Vardi, Prevoty During a recent technical discussion between TAG Cyber and Prevoty, the challenge of explaining autonomous application protection prompted analogies with autonomous cars. This parallel was useful because most people, even technical professionals, tend to be more familiar with vehicles than with software application development. Furthermore, we posited…

Ransomware Resurrected

As Stephen King once put it, “Sometimes they come back.”  Like a dormant volcano that may suddenly awaken at any moment, ransomware programs are an unpredictable lot. They may lay low for a while, or fall out of favor. But then they reemerge, often with new tricks up their sleeve. Indeed, ransomwares never truly die…

Alive and Kickin’


Do you remember where you were the day ransomware died? Me neither. Because, of course, it didn’t. But right about mid-2015, many of us were donning our finest, combing our hair and shining our shoes in preparation for the funeral of one of cybersecurity’s biggest menaces. And then 2016 blew in with a vengeance. And…

WannaCry and NotPetya: Who, what, when and WHY?


There isn’t a cybersecurity professional in the world that is not sick and tired of hearing about WannaCry and NotPetya, and with good reason as the NSA’s EternalBlue exploit and DoublePulsar backdoor tool were known to the cybersecurity community well before either attack was launched.

Peter Stephenson, technology editor, SC Media

It’s forensic tools time again


We are consistently amazed by how this category changes year to year. This year we are back, mostly, to the traditional computer forensics tools. Of course, we have the usual network provider, mobile device tools and case management.  But this year there are no new exotic entries. Perhaps this is because the market – and…

First Look: SignalSciences Web Protection Platform


The SignalSciences Web Protection Platform (WPP) is unique in that it starts out looking like a web application firewall (WAF) but actually is a whole lot more.  While the outward functionality strongly resembles a WAF the underlying capabilities take a somewhat different approach.  This is an approach, the company claims, reduces false positives to the…

One year later: AlienVault USM Appliance

The AlienVault appliance is not, strictly speaking, a SIEM although in the Labs we often use it similarly to the way we use our SIEM. More correctly, the tool is a USM – unified security manager. The main difference, generally, is that a SIEM requires log input from other sources, such as Windows event logs,…

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