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Timehop discovers hackers swiped even more data than updates, notifications

During its probe of a breach that prompted the company to deauthenticated 21 million user accounts, Timehop discovered that hackers had stolen birthdates as well as gender and country information.

U.K. privacy regulators fine Facebook $660,000 in Cambridge Analytica scandal

The social media giant seemed resigned to taking its medicine, admitting that it should have more thoroughly investigated claims about Cambridge Analytica.

Twitter ditches 70 million fake accounts in May, June

Twitter's efforts may have been responsible for a Monday stock plunge but experts said the company is striking a balance between cost and risk.

Google, Mozilla boot Stylish from add-on stores after it collects data on browsing histories

It seems that for nearly 18 months Stylish collected information about users' web-browsing histories.

ZTE appoints new C-suite to comply with U.S. settlement, resumes some operations

ZTE tapped Xu Ziyang as CEO, replacing Zhao Xianming, and other executives, in an attempt to comply with the terms of a settlement that would lift a seven-year ban imposed by the U.S. in April.

Capital Gazette shooter ID'd with facial recognition tech, report

The man reportedly damaged his fingers so he couldn't be easily identified, compelling authorities to use facial recognition software, according to reports.

Lawmakers pass stringent California Consumer Privacy Act

The much-anticipated law will be the strictest of its kind in the U.S.

Supreme Court hopeful ruled 4th Amendment doesn't protect gov't location data collection

In his opinion, Judge Raymond Kethledge, a potential candidate to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, said that while the content of a phone call is inherently private, metadata such as cell tower site data is not.

Orlando airport all in on facial recognition security screening

Biometrics screening will shorten lines at security, Customs and Border Patrol officials said.

Verizon, AT&T cutting ties with location aggregators who sold to law enforcement

In May Sen. Ron Wyden asked the FCC to investigate the wireless carriers that allow law enforcement to have "unrestricted access to the location data" of their customers.

Former CIA developer charged in Vault 7 hacking tools release

The newest indictments against Joshua Adam Schulte supersedes previous indictments for the transmission of what came to known as the Vault 7 releases.

Data Propria, heir to Cambridge Analytica, working for RNC, possibly Trump campaign

Cambridge Analytica's former head of product, now, along with at least three other former employees, are doing similar voting and polling analytics work for the Republican National Committee but deny working for Trump 2020.

Apple feature to thwart law enforcement access to iPhones

USB Restricted Mode will close a long-standing loophole and make it more difficult for law enforcement to access the contents of iPhones.

Cambridge Analytica exec met with Assange in 2017 to discuss election, donated cryptocurrency to WikiLeaks

Brittany Kaiser, a director at the data analytics company, told friends she visited Assange on February 17, 2017, and also had donated to the whistleblower site via cryptocurrency.

Australian bank mistakenly sent data on 10K customers to wrong domain

The bank investigated the incident, which occurred last year, finding that 651 internal emails were sent to instead of

Wide open Apache Airflow server at Universal Music Group contractor exposes FTP, SQL, AWS credentials

Researchers at the Kromtech Security Center, who discovered the unprotected server, said that because Airflow is wide open by default, organizations need to take steps to safeguard servers.

AgentRun's misconfigured S3 bucket exposes PII insurance companies' customers

Information on insurance policies as well as health, medical and financial data were accessible by the public because no password was required.

Roger Stone sought dirt on Clinton from WikiLeaks through friend

Stone sought emails pertaining to Clinton's involvement in an alleged 2011 failed peace deal with Libya, according to a September 2016 email from Stone to New York radio personality Randy Credico.

Corporation Service Company breach exposes PII on 5,678 customers

During routine security monitoring, the company, whose clients include Fortune 500 firms, discovered that an unauthorized third party had infiltrated its systems and stolen PII.

Trump's mobile phone security questioned

While Barack Obama's Blackberry use was restricted during his presidency and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was pilloried for using her private smart device for work purposes, President Trump still wields at least two two devices issued to him by the government.

TeenSafe app exposes data on more than 10K accounts

Anyone who ran across the exposed server could access Apple IDs, user ID and passwords stored in plaintext.

Securus hacked after reports cops used it for tracking location

The hacker at the very least snatched a spreadsheet that housed 2,800 logins and passwords.

Former CIA software engineer id'ed as suspect in Vault 7 leaks

Joshua Adam Schulte has not yet been charged with leaking classified information but is being held in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York after being indicted for possession of child pornography.