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EC amicus brief in Microsoft Irish server case to school SCOTUS on data protection laws

The Justice Department said the U.S. judicial system could handle any conflict of laws that might arise.

Senators call on FCC's Pai to delay net neutrality vote

A letter from 28 Senators to the FCC chairman calls on him to delay its vote on repealing net neutrality over concerns that many of the public comments made on the issue may be fake.

Cottage Health fined $2M by Calif. AG for two breaches

In the first breach, which occurred in 2013, an unencrypted server without basic security like password protection and firewalls made the records of 50,000 patients accessible online.

Facebook tool will let users view Russian-placed pages, Instagram accounts

Rocked by accusations that it helped a Russian propaganda campaign designed to sow division in the U.S. and influence the presidential election, Facebook has attempted to make amends.

Warrant orders Apple to turn over Texas shooter iPhone contents

The FBI had recently expressed frustration that investigators weren't able to reach protected data on Devin Patrick Kelley's phone, but Apple said it had offered to help out investigators.

Senators introduces USA Liberty Act of 2017

The USA Liberty Act of 2017 (S. 2158), which takes aim at government overreach under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), was introduced by Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.

Russia bans non-compliant VPNs

If the VPNs, all of whom must register with the government, fail to restrict access to blocked sites they will be shut down.

Senate intel committee votes behind closed doors bill to re-up Section 702

The proposed bill would codify illegal government surveillance practices, the ACLU said.

Facebook details ad transparency changes

Facebook- along with other online platforms - came under fire after it revealed an internal investigation found that a Russian "troll farm" bought ads from the social media giant and apparently planted them, some in targeted markets.

Twitter pledges greater transparency for political ads; House subcommittee mulls proposed rules

Twitter said it will identify ad purchasers, ads and their targets and make that information available for review.

Cambridge Analytica CEO approached Assange about publishing missing Clinton emails

Julian Assange verified that he was contacted by Cambridge Analytica but said he rebuffed the offer.

Microsoft withdraws suit after Justice Dept. changes policy on surveillance gag orders

The order limits the use of gag orders that effectively silences companies that provide customers' personal data on the government's behest.

Wyden, Paul introduce bill to extend, reform Section 702 surveillance authorization

The proposed legislation would require government to obtain a warrant to search for communications of people in the United States and alert targets when the information collected under Section 702 is being used against them.

Study: 18% of fed agencies embrace DMARC yet 25% of email fraudulent, unauthenticated

Of the 18 percent of agencies that do have DMARC in play, only half are maximizing the benefits of the standard by quarantining or rejecting unauthenticated email to prevent domain name spoofing.

Trump nominates competition law guru as FTC chair

Joseph Simons, who currently co-chairs the antitrust practice of the Paul Weiss law firm, was director of the competition bureau at the FTC under George W. Bush.

Honest Ads Act broadens social media's political ad disclosure requirements

Online platforms would have to adhere to the same political ad disclosure requirements as broadcast entities.

Supreme Court to mull whether U.S. search warrants apply overseas

In the ongoing the Microsoft vs. United States case, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals had previously ruled that U.S. warrants don't have authority overseas.

Twitter likely deleted info of interest to Russian collusion probe

Twitter's privacy policy calls for tweets to be deleted from its system after a user deletes them.

Coalition, including ACLU, write House committee to oppose USA Liberty Act

The coalition says the bill, meant to replace Section 702 of FISA, doesn't adequately protect Americans against government surveillance.

Secret Service nixes personal mobile devices in West Wing after Kelly hack

Hackers likely made their way into the personal mobile phone belonging to Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly last December.

ISF guide walks through prep and implementation of GDPR compliance program

The first phase covers preparing for the regulation, set to take effect May 25, 2018, starting with discovering personal data then determining compliance status and finally defining the parameters of a compliance program.

Trump lawyers hit Facebook with warrants for activists' account info

One of the users targeted is Emilio Talarico who ran the disruptj20 page that organized protests on Inauguration Day.

Facebook to release 3K Russia-linked ads to Congressional intel committees

Zuckerberg's announcement came on the heels of Twitter saying it would appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday.

Equifax names interim CSO, CIO;

Equifax continues to catch flak over its failure to quickly and completely patch the Apache Struts vulnerability that led to not one but two breaches and now for redirecting consumers affected by the latest breach to a bogus site.

WhatsApp rebuffs U.K. government request for backdoor

The government wanted a way to tap into encrypted messages but WhatsApp said declined, according to a report by Sky News.

Manafort seeks probe of FISA Court order leak

Paul Manafort called for a full investigation into a leak that revealed he was the subject of a FISA Court order.