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Lawmakers in Germany push for encryption-busting trojan in lead up to election

With a federal election scheduled for September, government officials in Germany are pressing for expanded hacking powers be granted to law enforcement agencies.

U.S. and Europe more prepared for fast-approaching GDPR than the U.K.

Despite the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect 12 months from now, the majority of European and US businesses are still inadequately prepared and at risk of incurring costly non-compliance fines.

Mixed response from IT security pros following release of Cybersecurity Executive Order

The president's executive order on cybersecurity has drawn immediate, if mixed reactions, from cybersecurity pros who either praise it for providing much-needed guidance or criticize it for falling short.

Spyware firm FlexiSPY refused entry to HackerOne's bug bounty program

A vendor of spyware has been rejected from HackerOne's bug bounty program based on an ethical decision.

The Big 5: 5 tips to help you with your GDPR plan

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will transform data privacy rules across Europe.

Information Commissioner notes confusion over 'Consent' in GDPR

The UK's data protection watchdog has noted a great deal of confusion around the concept of 'Consent' drawn out in landmark European regulation set to hit Britain's shores next year.

Data siphoned via Bose wireless headphones constitutes wiretapping, lawsuit charges

Bose, the audio equipment manufacturer, was sued in a federal court in Chicago earlier this week for selling user data without permission.

US Regulator orders security companies to stop misrepresenting themselves

A US consumer protection regulator has ordered three security companies to stop misrepresenting themselves as participants in a major US-Asia privacy agreement.

UPDATE: Gov't drops efforts to compel Twitter to ID anti-Trump account holder, suit

The Twitter suit says revealing personal details about user @ALT_uscis, which has been highly critical of the president, flies in the face of the First Amendment.

EU commissioner announces September review for EU-US Privacy Shield

European commissioner Vera Jourova has announced the first review of the European Union's data sharing agreement with the US.

Encryption to come under renewed fire from European Commission in June

Encryption will face a make it or break it moment in June when the European Commission lays out new options for forcing internet companies to hand over the keys.

2017 set to be landmark year for electronic device searches at the U.S. border

Searches of electronic devices have shot up in the first months of 2017 and privacy advocates are wondering why.

Does the Trump rollback of protections threaten UK-US data sharing?

The repeal of Obama-era data protection regulations means that internet service providers in the US will be allowed to sell a great variety of personal data. What are the implications for European data?

House votes to repeal FCC privacy laws for ISPs

The House vote, which saw 15 Republicans break from party lines to oppose the measure, followed a thumbs up from the Senate earlier in the month.

Microsoft president takes stand against turning over data

"We will not help any government, including our own, hack or attack any customer anywhere," Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft, said in an interview.

The big ask: Government requests

What issues should companies be considering when it comes to handing over privileged information? Karen Epper Hoffman investigates.

A White House apology? Nah. GCHQ response to Trump claim it aided wiretap: "Nonsense"

President Donald Trump's unsubstantiated claim that former President Obama ordered wiretaps of his offices in Trump Tower, received the latest in a series of rebuttals, this one from U.K.'s intelligence agency.

Brexit won't thwart GDPR prep, IAPP finds

To prepare for GDPR, two-thirds of the U.K. organizations surveyed said they were developing new internal privacy accountability frameworks while 58 percent are ponying up budget dollars to train their staffs and employees in privacy matters.

Sasse sees uptick in hack attempts after criticism of WikiLeaks

The Nebraska senator reported multiple password reset attempts in a series of tweets Saturday evening.

U.S., EU both committed to strong Privacy Shield, Ansip says

Andrus Ansip tweeted that he and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross agreed on the need for robust Privacy Shield to protect and encourage data flow.

Trump's new immigration exec order leaves EU-US Privacy Shield alone

A new executive order, aiming to curb immigration to the United States, distances itself from the data protection measures that so shocked Eeuropean privacy advocates.

EU commish puts Trump on notice about straying from Privacy Shield

Recent U.S. political developments have prompted concern that they threaten the foundation of the EU Privacy Shield.

Watching the detectors: Government demands

Government operators can put private organizations in a bind, reports Alan Earls.

NY state cybersecurity regs go into effect today, industry responds

In response to growing threats from cyberattacks to financial institutions, New York state officially implemented new regulations that require banks and insurers to meet certain cybersecurity standards.

ACLU and HRW: Recent US political developments endanger Privacy Shield

The ACLU and the HRW have penned an open letter to the European Commission claiming that recent political developments could upset the basis for the EU Privacy Shield.

No clear policy: IoT and privacy

The Senate sponsors of the DIGIT Act may have the right idea when it comes to IoT, but advocacy groups warn many thorny security and privacy issues lurk. Steve Zurier reports.