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Trump nominates competition law guru as FTC chair

Joseph Simons, who currently co-chairs the antitrust practice of the Paul Weiss law firm, was director of the competition bureau at the FTC under George W. Bush.

Honest Ads Act broadens social media's political ad disclosure requirements

Online platforms would have to adhere to the same political ad disclosure requirements as broadcast entities.

Supreme Court to mull whether U.S. search warrants apply overseas

In the ongoing the Microsoft vs. United States case, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals had previously ruled that U.S. warrants don't have authority overseas.

Twitter likely deleted info of interest to Russian collusion probe

Twitter's privacy policy calls for tweets to be deleted from its system after a user deletes them.

Coalition, including ACLU, write House committee to oppose USA Liberty Act

The coalition says the bill, meant to replace Section 702 of FISA, doesn't adequately protect Americans against government surveillance.

Secret Service nixes personal mobile devices in West Wing after Kelly hack

Hackers likely made their way into the personal mobile phone belonging to Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly last December.

ISF guide walks through prep and implementation of GDPR compliance program

The first phase covers preparing for the regulation, set to take effect May 25, 2018, starting with discovering personal data then determining compliance status and finally defining the parameters of a compliance program.

Trump lawyers hit Facebook with warrants for activists' account info

One of the users targeted is Emilio Talarico who ran the disruptj20 page that organized protests on Inauguration Day.

Facebook to release 3K Russia-linked ads to Congressional intel committees

Zuckerberg's announcement came on the heels of Twitter saying it would appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday.

Equifax names interim CSO, CIO;

Equifax continues to catch flak over its failure to quickly and completely patch the Apache Struts vulnerability that led to not one but two breaches and now for redirecting consumers affected by the latest breach to a bogus site.

WhatsApp rebuffs U.K. government request for backdoor

The government wanted a way to tap into encrypted messages but WhatsApp said declined, according to a report by Sky News.

Manafort seeks probe of FISA Court order leak

Paul Manafort called for a full investigation into a leak that revealed he was the subject of a FISA Court order.

Cuomo orders new regs to protect New Yorkers from Equifax breach

Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo had already issued guidance to help licensed financial institutions act to protect consumers affected by the Equifax breach.

Reporter listens in as Trump attorneys discuss Russian probe in D.C. restaurant

The two were discussing Jared Kushner, the controversial meeting at Trump Tower between Donald Trump, Jr. and a Russian lawyer, and White House counsel Donald F. McGahn.

Motel 6 to revamp privacy, data sharing policies after Phoenix locations send guest info to ICE

Every morning like clockwork, Motel 6 employees at two Phoenix locations would audit guest records and send the information to immigration officials.

Facebook hands over ads, account info to Mueller

The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook shared copies of ads with Mueller's investigation as well as the criteria the accounts used to target the those ads.

Mnuchin hails FIDO authentication standards

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told Federal Identity Forum & Exposition attendees that solving identity is key to banking and financial.

Trump associates unmasked in probe of UAE prince's NYC trip

The prince met in December with former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, who recently resigned as the president's adviser and other Trump officials

Staffer with access to Ted Cruz's Twitter responsible for porn 'like'

The post, which was up only briefly, raised speculation that the senator had been hacked.

Instagram buys up Doxagram domains to stop hackers

The move likely won't boot the hackers offline as the companies hope since the Doxagram already has taken up residence on the dark web.

Lenovo settles privacy charges with FTC, 32 states

The VisualDiscovery software created "serious security vulnerabilities" for those laptop users because it served as a man in the middle between and even encrypted websites.

Hackers leak nude pics of actress Dakota Johnson

The actress, daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffin, is considering joining the ranks of other celebrities who are suing the website that posted the pictures, reports said.

Justice agrees to narrow DreamHost warrant for data

DreamHost called the government's actions a "huge win" for privacy but says there are still First and Fourth Amendment arguments to be made.

Top 10 Security Challenges for 2017

The first half of 2017 has not exactly been a ride in the park for cybersecurity professionals.

Justice presses DreamHost for info on visitors to Trump protest site

A court in the District of Columbia authorized a search warrant for information on those who partipated in or organized a January 20 protest that erupted in violent confrontation and resulted in more than 200 arrests.

GoDaddy, Google shut down neo-Nazi site

GoDaddy gave the Daily Stormer 24 hours to find another host after the neo-Nazi site violated its rules, but Anonymous moved more swiftly. By afternoon Google had also yanked the site's registration.

Disney sued, accused of violating child data privacy laws

Disney is being hit with a class action lawsuit for allegedly violating the COPPA laws by capturing children's data and selling it to third parties.