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NSA to end controversial warrantless surveillance practice

In the past, the agency has collected communications that communications that merely mention an identifier like an email address that is linked to someone under surveillance.

Over three quarters of UK public unaware Snooper's Charter was passed

As per the recent Investigatory Powers Act otherwise known as the "Snooper's Charter", UK intelligence agencies were given the green light to access personal data from browsing histories.

Microsoft: FISA orders seeking content up, global law enforcement requests for data down

On Thursday, Microsoft released its latest batch of semi-annual transparency reports, which revealed that global law enforcement legal requests for Microsoft user data decreased by more than 17 percent from 2015 to 2016, while U.S. FISA orders seeking content from the tech company jumped significantly in the first six months of 2016.

Survey: Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of ISPs sharing data without consent

In a recent poll of more than 1,200 Americans, 92 percent agreed that Internet providers should not be allowed to monitor their activity online and sell that data to third parties without consent -- a strong indictment of Senate Joint Resolution 34, which lifted FCC restrictions that would have prevented ISPs from engaging in this practice.

Internet Society urges G20 to ensure 'ubiquitous encryption' of web

The president of The Internet Society has called on G20 leaders to protect encryption for the good of the world economy.

Bring on GDPR. Wonga blunders in data breach - bank details lost?

Unsurprisingly, Wonga customers have been told to change their passwords after the payday loan firm admitted it had suffered a major data breach affecting 250,000 customers.

Twitter, Instagram, 6 others to kick in $5.3M in privacy suit settlement

In the suit against Apple as well as social media and messaging companies, consumers claimed that app makers like Kik didn't tell that Apple iOS "Find Friends" feature ported their contacts to company servers,

Researcher hacks SmartTV using radio signals

A proof of concept test has shown that some smart TVs can be hacked using just common radio signals that can give a hacker control over the television's camera and mic to view who is viewing.

Hacker compromises nearly 100k McDonald's Canada job applications

The McDonald's Canada career website has suffered a data breach that compromised about 95,000 restaurant job applications, the fast-food giant acknowledged on Friday in a company statement.

World Backup Day 2017: even with backups, users still lose data

According to new research from Kroll Ontrack, simply having a backup solution won't prevent users from losing data.

Encryption to come under renewed fire from European Commission in June

Encryption will face a make it or break it moment in June when the European Commission lays out new options for forcing internet companies to hand over the keys.

Activists propose buying lawmakers' browser histories after Congress revokes FCC privacy rules

Activists outraged over Congress passing a resolution that struck down new FCC rules defending the private data of telecom and ISP customers have pledged to purchase federal lawmakers' browser histories so they can publish them.

Does the Trump rollback of protections threaten UK-US data sharing?

The repeal of Obama-era data protection regulations means that internet service providers in the US will be allowed to sell a great variety of personal data. What are the implications for European data?

Telecom and ISP companies defend repeal of FCC privacy rules

In a conference call yesterday, a panel representing telecom and broadband service providers threw its support behind a resolution to roll back Federal Communications Commission rules designed to protect consumer data collected by telecom and ISP companies.

House votes to repeal FCC privacy laws for ISPs

The House vote, which saw 15 Republicans break from party lines to oppose the measure, followed a thumbs up from the Senate earlier in the month.

Two Daytona State College breaches affect students and staff

Daytona State College was hit with two data breaches this month that affected both employee and student data.

Facebook Live Location service raises privacy, safety concerns

Cybersecurity experts are questioning whether Facebook's addition of Live Location to its Messenger texting app will pose a privacy issue for its users.

Microsoft Docs doxes users

Users may have been inadvertently sharing personal information on Microsoft's

Lawmakers, rights groups react after Senate votes to kill FCC privacy protections

Digital rights and privacy groups reacted with indignation after the U.S. Senate passed a joint resolution that would undo FCC rules banning telecom and ISP companies from selling consumers' data without their consent.

Senate overturns ISP privacy ruling

The Senate voted today to overturn privacy rules that barred internet service providers from selling their customers' information without their explicit permission.

Tacoma fined second time for withholding Stingray data

For the second time this month, the city of Tacoma, Wash. was fined for withholding information concerning its use of Stingray devices.

Demi Lovato nudes leaked, scammer targets private citizens for sex shows

A spearphishing scammer demanded a sex show from a private citizen after obtaining the victim's email credentials.

Celebgate 2.0 scam promised Amazon gift cards

Spammers looking to take advantage of leaked celebrity photos have turned their sights on exploiting the buzz surrounding "Celebgate 2.0."

Saks Fifth Avenue leaves customer data exposed

Saks Fifth Avenue reportedly exposed the personal information of tens of thousands of customers in plain text on publically accessible pages.

Report: Cloud-based spyware NexusLogger sold in guise of 'parental monitoring tool'

A new cloud-based keylogger has hit the market, resulting in a small number of cybercriminals attempting to infect businesses and collect keystrokes, system information, stored passwords, screenshots, and game credentials.