Privacy News, Articles and Updates

Kentucky city cites the risk of terrorism for not releasing surveillance details

When a local resident filed an Open Records Act request after noticing surveillance cameras had been installed in a public park without prior notice, the police department denied his request.

One in 10 millennials would give up a finger for their smartphone

It is unclear what percent if any of the 62 percent who wouldn't give up alcohol were too drunk to realize they were giving up a finger for their phone.

New concerns over user data sharing leads Facebook to suspend analytics firm Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon, a company that generates consumer insights from public social media posts, has been suspended from Facebook while the social media giant evaluates whether the data collection firm violated Facebook policies.

Walmart files patent for audio surveillance technology to monitor employees and customers

Walmart Tuesday filed a patent for audio surveillance technology to record customers and employees to proposedly focus on minute details of the shopping and checkout.

A Rochester man accused of hacking into accounts of young women

A Rochester man was charged with hacking the personal accounts of 150 young women over the course of several years.

Facebook patches bug that allowed blocked friends to see content

Facebook's privacy woes continue with the company having to reach out to 800,000 customers who had people that they had blocked become unblocked.

NHS patients' data shared despite their objections, due to data processing error

Data that National Health Service patients in the UK specifically requested be kept private was inadvertently used in a clinical audit and research project due to a nearly three-year long data processing error, a UK government official reported yesterday.

Facebook makes additional API changes to secure user data

The company said it will be introducing new restrictions and changes regarding the Graph API Explorer App, Profile Expression Kit, Media Solutions APIs, Pages API, Marketing API, Lead Ads Retrieval and Live Video APIs.

Facebook says 61 apps got extensions for collecting user data following 2015 policy change

After Facebook officially changed its policies in May 2015 to restrict the information that app developers could collect on users and their friends, the social media company granted a special extension to 61 developers, allowing them to continue the practice for several additional months.

Wyden questions FCC on Stingray interference on emergency services

Sen. Wyden wrote a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to ask if his agency has taken steps to ensure the cell site simulators neither interfere with 9-1-1 emergency services nor the communications of innocent Americans.

Watchdog org accuses HMRC of collecting 5.1 million audio signatures without consent

The voices of millions of UK taxpayers were recorded, analyzed and stored by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) without consent, according to privacy campaigners Big Brother Watch.

Customers still trust social media and messaging apps to secure data, study

Researchers surveyed 1,500 U.S. customers and found that despite recent social media user data controversy, the majority of consumers still trust their apps to use their data in honorably.

ACLU to deliver petition requesting Amazon stop selling surveillance technology to the government

The American Civil Liberties Union and other advocacy groups are delivering their petition to Amazon's Seattle headquarters today requesting that it stop selling surveillance technology to the government.

Uber's drunk passenger patent could be a 'privacy nightmare for consumers

Uber recently applied for a patent to use artificial intelligence to spot drunken drivers

ENCRYPT Act reintroduced in Congress

A bipartisan Congressional group has put forth a bill to create a national standard encryption that would supersede any similar standards created on the state or local levels.

Privacy by design BSI standard being developed for IOT devices and apps

BSI confirms that it is running the secretariat for a new ISO Project Committee developing ISO 23485 Consumer protection - Privacy by design for consumer goods and services - aimed at protecting consumers' domestic privacy.

InvisiMole cyber espionage malware detailed

A rarely used, but very powerful cyberespionage malware with the ability to install backdoors, remotely execute code and grab sound and audio from the affected device has been discovered and analyzed by ESET researchers.

States gearing up for 2018 elections by requesting Federal cybersecurity funding

The U.S Election Assistance Commission (EAC) announced that 26 states have requested $209,638,865, or 55 percent of the allocated $380 million for Help American Vote Act (HAVA) funds.

Microsoft's Github buy: is it good news for security?

Microsoft has announced a £5.6 billion deal to acquire software development platform GitHub, arguably the most visible open source resource online.

Researchers warn widespread Google Group misconfigurations are exposing sensitive data

A survey of 2.5 million domains looked for configurations publicly exposed, found 9,637 exposed organizations, then used a random sample of 171 public organizations to determine nearly 3,000 domains were leaking sensitive data.

Apple discloses new protections against snoopy apps and websites at WWDC event

Apple's newest enhancements to its Safari browser will inhibit websites and apps -- including Facebook -- from using cookies and fingerprinting techniques to track users across the internet.

Facebook defends sharing user data with mobile OEMs

Facebook is defending its privacy practices again after a report that the social media giant entered into agreements over the last decade to share user data with at least 60 mobile device manufacturers, in an effort to make its services available to device owners via integrated APIs.

Major vulnerabilities in the EOS blockchain may push back Mainnet launch

Major vulnerabilities in the EOS blockchain and smart contracts platform may push back the Mainnet launch scheduled for June 2.

Facebook 2FA no longer requires a phone number

Facebook has unveiled a new way for its users to set up two-factor authentication for their accounts eliminating the need to register a phone number.

T-Mobile bug exposed personal customer data

A glitch in T-Mobile's employee website allowed anyone to look up customer account details.

Baltimore-based LifeBridge Health breach impacts half a million patients

LifeBridge Health is notifying 500,000 patients that their personal information was exposed in a data breach.

Researchers find abundance of legitimate apps used to stalk intimate partners

Researchers from various universities conducted what was described as the first large-scale study of apps used by stalkers to track their intimate partners.