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How's he doing, so far?

The cybersecurity and privacy communities have an abundance of advice for Donald Trump as he plots his cyber strategy.

Trump gets mixed reviews on cybersecurity, one month in

The administration has hinted at cybersecurity policy, but no definitive strategy has emerged.

Coachella user accounts headline dark web marketplace

More than 950,000 user accounts of the Coachella music festival allegedly are being sold on the dark web's Tochka marketplace through data trader who goes by the handle Berkut.

TeamSpy malware exploits TeamViewer in phishing campaign

Heimdal Security researchers spotted a new spam campaign carrying the TeamSpy data-stealing malware.

Cross-device tracking by advertisers and it's invading users' privacy

Research shows different ways of how advertisers track internet users without their consent.

DHS may require social media passwords from those visiting from 7 banned countries

DHS's Gen. John Kelly told Congress his department was considering requesting social media passwords from those entering the U.S. from seven countries named in the Trump administration's ban list.

People claim better cybersecurity chops than Trump, their IT directors, study says

A recent study found 63 percent of respondents rated their knowledge of "the cyber" security as being higher or equal to the likes of President Donald Trump.

David Beckham's emails hacked and released after ransom refusal

International football star David Beckham has seen sensitive and embarrassing emails published after a company he works with, Doyen Global, rejected a hacker's ransom demand.

VIZIO coughs up $2.2M settlement to FTC, N.J. agency for unauthorized data collection via smart TVs

The company must also prominently disclose its policies for collecting and sharing data and obtain express consent from customers.

Privacy Issue? Pacemaker data used to charge suspected arsonist

A suspected arsonist is behind bars after police used data gleaned from the man's pacemaker with a warrant to charge him with felony arson and insurance fraud, a trend that worries privacy groups.

4K W-2 compromised in Scotty's Brewhouse phishing attack

An employee payroll manager responded to a phishing email requesting employee information.

2.5 million XBOX 360 and PSP ISO forum accounts breached

An unidentified hacker reportedly breached the XBOX 360 and PlayStation Portable ISO forums compromising 2.5 million gamer accounts.

Apple removes Activation Lock, possibly used for hacking

Apple quietly removed the Activation Lock Status checker feature leaving some speculating it may have been used for hacking. .

Federal agencies leasing in foreign owned buildings may cause cyberespionage risks

The report found at least 25 different offices used by the agencies including FBI, Department of Justice, State Department, and others.

45% of NHS trusts scan for app vulnerabilities just once a year

Nearly half (45 percent) of NHS trusts scan for application vulnerabilities just once a year. Less than eight percent do so on a daily basis.

Spotting vulnerabilities in your open source code

ESET researchers have offered programmers a few tips for spotting vulnerable code and how to correct them before they make it into your system.

Linux.Proxy.10 infects thousands of devices with standard settings

Dr. Web researchers spotted a Linux trojan, dubbed Linux.Proxy.10 that has been used to infect thousands of Linux devices.

Telemarketing firm leaks 400K call recordings, some containing payment data

The firm has previously gotten in trouble for the mishandling of customer data.

Americans don't trust others to secure their data, neglect to secure themselves

Despite their distrust in companies to properly secure personal data, Americans frequently neglect to properly secure their own data.

SPY Car Study Act calls for research to secure connected cars

A bipartisan group of legislators recently proposed a bill that would call for industry professionals to study how to secure connected vehicles.

LeakedSource apparently raided by law enforcement

Ethically questionable for-profit breach notification site LeakedSource has apparently vanished after beign raided by law enforcement.

Trump staffers use private email server, president still favors unsecured Android

It is not yet clear if or how Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer and others are using the email system.

Facebook adds Privacy Basics to help secure accounts

Facebook is celebrating Data Privacy Day by introducing the new Privacy Basics feature to control who see what its users share on the platform.

Ransomware + IoT = Jackware?: the evolution of ransomware attacks

ESET researchers predict the next step in the evolution of ransomware is "jackware" or ransomware designed to target connected devices.

Encryption "critical" for GDPR but many deterred by complexity

Three quarters of organisations plan to expand their data protection capabilities with encryption as GDPR deadline looms.

Second Circuit nixes gov't request for full court rehearing on Microsoft Irish server case

The court's decision not to rehear the Microsoft case means it's likely that the Supreme Court will hear the case or that Congress will take action to update the Stored Communications Act.

Spynote RAT posing as Netflix plus other popular apps

Zscaler researchers have spotted The SpyNote RAT with a full range of surveillance features posing as the Netflix app.

NY introduces legislation to limit warrantless stingray use

New York State legislators are following a trend of proposing legislation to protect citizens from warrantless stingray surveillance.

Sentara Healthcare notifies 5.4K of breach

The breach of a third party vendor resulted in Virginia-based Sentara Healthcare notifying more than 5,000 patients about their information being compromised.