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In historic decision, FISA court allows NSA surveillance transparency lawsuit to continue

The U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has ruled that there is sufficient standing to proceed with a lawsuit that could require the court to publicly reveal the justifications behind the NSA's electronic surveillance program.

Legislation adding privacy protections to FISA passes through committee

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday approved the USA Liberty Act, which reauthorizes Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, but with new privacy protections.

Former Yahoo Chief Executive Mayer testified before Congress, blamed Russia

Former Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer apologized on Wednesday for the two massive data breaches at Yahoo

Americans worry about cybercrime more than they worry about car theft

American's are worrying more about becoming victims of cybercrime far more than they are worrying about becoming victims of conventional crimes.

Texas National Guard spent $373,000 on stingray equipment

The Texas National Guard last year spent more than $373,000 to install two of its DRT 1301C "portable receiver systems" in two RC-26 secretive surveillance aircraft.

Celebgate 3.0? WWE stars Paige and Jojo nudes leaked

WWE diva Paige has once again had her intimate photos leaked just a few weeks after a third man plead guilty for hacking into celebrity accounts.

Facebook asks users to send nudes to prevent revenge porn

Facebook is asking users to submit their nudes in a preemptive strike to combat revenge porn.

Bug in anti-malware defenses mistakenly blocks users' Google Docs files

Google issued a public apology on Thursday after a bug mistakenly caused its defenses against malware, phishing, and spam to block some users' access to Google Docs files.

Apple's machine learning can spot bra pics

A Twitter user is warning girls that Apple's machine learning is capable of categorizing images of women in their intimate apparel that are saved to a device.

Researchers surveil mobile users using just $1,000 worth of targeted ads

University of Washington researchers were able to surveil individual users using less than $1,000 worth of targeted advertising.

Mueller interviewed security pro who claimed to be recruited by GOP operative for Russian collusion

The investigator interviewed Matt Tait, who has maintained that the late Peter W. Smith solicited his help in locating deleted emails that he thought Russian hackers may have obtained from Hillary Clinton's private email server.

DHS will order agencies to adopt DMARC, https

DHS Acting Secretary Elaine Duke, will release a binding order requiring agencies to comply with DMARC plan within 30 days and https within 120 days.

Coalition, including ACLU, write House committee to oppose USA Liberty Act

The coalition says the bill, meant to replace Section 702 of FISA, doesn't adequately protect Americans against government surveillance.

Former Congressional IT pro Awan wiped phone before FBI arrest

Imran Awan wiped his iPhone just hours before the FBI arrested him at Dulles Airport as he waited to board a flight to Pakistan.

NFL player personal data found on open Elasticsearch server

NFL players may not mind having their views on social issues known, but they are probably not happy that a publicly accessible database has been found containing private information on about 1,100 players and their agents.

6,000 Atlanta Public School employees possibly compromised

Federal investigators have warned the Atlanta Public School system that all 6,000 of its employees may have had their personal information compromised due to a phishing scam.

State surveillance tool uses ISP to deliver malware to privacy seekers

Unnamed major internet providers are reported to be the distribution route for the spread of a new variant of government spyware FinFisher (also known as FinSpy) in two countries, targeting people seeking privacy.

D.C. appeals court overturns conviction in warrantless stingray case

D.C. Court of Appeals ruled the use of stingrays, or cell-site simulators, without a warrant is unconstitutional on the grounds of violating the Fourth Amendment.

Security analyst calls for duress codes that can wipe confiscated phones

The time has come for smartphones to come programmed with a duress code that wipes the device clean, in the event a border agent demands to search it, a veteran information security analyst has suggested in an op-ed piece.

New technique can manipulate encrypted Fitbit data

Fitbit devices are prone to vulnerabilities which could enable an attacker to access personal information and even create false activity records.

Report: Without safeguards, Internet and IoT may create surveillance states in near future

A catastrophic worldwide cyberattack and the emergence of an IoT-enabled surveillance state were among the chief security and privacy fears expressed by experts polled for a new report about the internet and its future impact.

Motel 6 to revamp privacy, data sharing policies after Phoenix locations send guest info to ICE

Every morning like clockwork, Motel 6 employees at two Phoenix locations would audit guest records and send the information to immigration officials.

Justice Department: Google won't challenge overseas warrants

Google has silently stopped challenging most warrants from U.S. judges in cases involving data requests stored in overseas servers.

Trump associates unmasked in probe of UAE prince's NYC trip

The prince met in December with former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, who recently resigned as the president's adviser and other Trump officials

ACLU, EFF sue DHS over electronic device searches at border

The suit was filed on behalf of 10 U.S. citizens and a lawful permanent resident, most of them Muslim or people of color, whose devices were searched as they reentered the country after business or personal trips.

Sessions, Coats call for reauthorization of FISA

The U.S. Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence penned a letter to the Congressional majority and minority leadership urging them to permanently reauthorize Title VII of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which is set to expire at the end of this year.

Apple iPhone X swaps Touch ID for 'Face ID' facial recognition unlock

Apple is swapping fingerprint verification for face recognition software in the newly revealed iPhone X, a move the company says is more secure.

Staffer with access to Ted Cruz's Twitter responsible for porn 'like'

The post, which was up only briefly, raised speculation that the senator had been hacked.

Apple iOS 11 makes it harder for law enforcement to access data

Apple appears to have not buried the hatchet with law enforcement and is doubling down on its privacy beliefs with the latest iOS 11.