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Clinton, Romney campaign managers join forces to fight election hacking

A bipartisan project to fight election hacking has been launched at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, with Mitt Romney's and Hillary Clinton's former campaign managers playing key leadership roles.

White House reveals contact info on voters concerned about privacy

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, led by Vice Chairman Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, had invited comments on its probe of voter fraud, in which the commission had requested a wide range of voter data from all 50 states.

150K attempts on S.C. voting system points to widespread hacking

Citing data from the State Election Commission, the Wall Street Journal contended that the high number of attempts could be an indicator that swing states were even more widely targeted.

Election commission halts data collection

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity took to the court Monday, saying it will wait until a judge addresses the EPIC request for a temporary restraining order.

House of Lords to report on post-Brexit GDPR, Germany first to enact GDPR

The GDPR klaxon rings: Germany becomes the first country to pass the GDPR through its legislative process, as Lords in the UK release a report on what post-Brexit GDPR will look like.

Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft pushing back against gov surveillance gag orders

Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft among other tech firms are engaging in legal battles concerning imposed government surveillance gag orders.

ACLU New Mexico sues Albuquerque PD for info on StingRay use

The ACLU wants all records pertaining to the purchase and use of StingRays.

MIT professor proposes using stingray devices to track gunshots

A recently approved patent on a gunshot detection system has privacy advocates concerned about what we are willing to sacrifice to catch criminals.

FTC slaps down company illegally sharing, selling consumer info

The company, which operated websites such as and, promised consumers that it would link applicants to lenders providing the most favorable loan terms but instead indiscriminately sold their data.

Facebook privacy suit nixed, can track user online activity after log out

Judge Edward Davila said the plaintiffs could have protected their browsing histories.

As SME games company is fined 60k, ICO promises that none will be spared

A Northamptonshire games company has been fined, as an example that any, big or small, who break the rules will be dealt with accordingly says ICO.

FTC chair calls for 'regulatory humility' for connected vehicles

FTC chief Maureen K. Ohlhausen told an NHTSA workshop on consumer privacy and security issues raised by automated and connected vehicles that the commission's focus should be on protecting personal information.

Privacy issues arise over Snapchat's Snap Map feature

A new Snapchat feature that tracks the location of those using the app has police and children's advocacy groups concerned for the safety of younger users.

Encryption-dodging hacking powers expanded for German law enforcement

German law enforcement have been granted new powers to hack criminal suspects

Google to stop using Gmails content for targeted adverstising

Google plans to stop using consumer-level Gmail content as a data source for ads personalization.

11th Circuit to begin hearing LabMD appeal

The appeal could have considerable bearing on FTC enforcement going forward as the court determines whether the commission must prove concrete injury to consumers before it takes action.

FOIA suit against FBI seeks Trump file

Property of the People, as part of its Operation 45 transparency and accountability project, wants the FBI to hand over anything in its files on Trump from June 14, 1946 until June 15, 2015.

Supreme Court will take up first cellphone data location case

Carpenter v. United States seeks to challenge what lawyers representing defendantTimothy Carpenter say is government overreach.

China's controversial cybersecurity law goes into effect

China's new cybersecurity law went into effect on June 1, subjecting companies to stringent data privacy and protection guidelines, as key questions linger around how it will be enforced, and how businesses will be able to comply.

US DoJ asks Congress for power to serve international data warrants

The Department of Justice is asking the US Congress to pass a law which would allow it to make reciprocal agreements with foreign governments to issue warrants to seize data in other countries.

ACLU files FOIA request to see how ICE uses cell phone trackers

A search warrant obtained by ICE authorized use of a Stingray device to track an immigrant.

Twitter updates privacy policy, more info to be shared with adverstisers

Twitter issued an update to its privacy policy making changes in how it handles web data, data sharing and how Twitter uses collected data to personalize content provided across all a member's devices.

U.S. and Europe more prepared for fast-approaching GDPR than the U.K.

Despite the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect 12 months from now, the majority of European and US businesses are still inadequately prepared and at risk of incurring costly non-compliance fines.

Report: WhatsApp began encrypting back-ups to iCloud Drive in late 2016

WhatsApp added another layer of protection for users in late 2016, quietly introducing a new feature that encrypts messages and contacts when uploading this data to Apple's iCloud servers, according to a Forbes report.

Oakland PD accused of misleading judge for stingray use

An Oakland-based defense attorney is accusing the local police department of deliberately misleading a judge who signed an order used to justify the use of stingrays.

WWE diva Charlotte Flair nudes leaked in latest Celebgate scandal

Celebgate hackers have hit another WWE star this time leaking nude images of four-time women's champion Charlotte Flair.