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Demi Lovato nudes leaked, scammer targets private citizens for sex shows

A spearphishing scammer demanded a sex show from a private citizen after obtaining the victim's email credentials.

Celebgate 2.0 scam promised Amazon gift cards

Spammers looking to take advantage of leaked celebrity photos have turned their sights on exploiting the buzz surrounding "Celebgate 2.0."

Saks Fifth Avenue leaves customer data exposed

Saks Fifth Avenue reportedly exposed the personal information of tens of thousands of customers in plain text on publically accessible pages.

Report: Cloud-based spyware NexusLogger sold in guise of 'parental monitoring tool'

A new cloud-based keylogger has hit the market, resulting in a small number of cybercriminals attempting to infect businesses and collect keystrokes, system information, stored passwords, screenshots, and game credentials.

Celebgate repeat? Private images of Emma Watson and others leaked

In a manner that is becoming too familiar, hackers have once again broken into the iCloud accounts of female celebrities.

Study shows ignorance of and critical need to secure important documents

There is a growing need to improve security practices of confidential documents that include information such as financial data, employee records, business contracts and intellectual property.

Brexit won't thwart GDPR prep, IAPP finds

To prepare for GDPR, two-thirds of the U.K. organizations surveyed said they were developing new internal privacy accountability frameworks while 58 percent are ponying up budget dollars to train their staffs and employees in privacy matters.

Symantec finds fake AV being distributed using HSBC phishing emails

Fake HSBC emails are being spread, asking users to install a malicious version of Rapport, a legitimate security program designed to protect online bank accounts from fraud.

Android Devices pre-loaded with malware signal fault in supply chain

Check Point has discovered dozens of Android devices that were received with malware preloaded onto them which were possibly infected on their way through the Android supply chain.

Kremlin seeks to sway British public opinion?

The head of the UK's National Cyber Security Centre has written to political parties warning of potential Russian-backed hacking to sway the British electorate.

New Hampshire House approve Stingray legislation

The New Hampshire House unanimously approved a bill restricting warrantless stingray surveillance.

U.S., EU both committed to strong Privacy Shield, Ansip says

Andrus Ansip tweeted that he and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross agreed on the need for robust Privacy Shield to protect and encourage data flow.

US telecoms regs bow to ISPs, customers no longer federally protected

The US Federal Communications Commission has bowed to the telecoms lobby in blocking a regulation which would make ISPs take 'reasonable measures' to protect customer data.

Trump's new immigration exec order leaves EU-US Privacy Shield alone

A new executive order, aiming to curb immigration to the United States, distances itself from the data protection measures that so shocked Eeuropean privacy advocates.

WikiLeaks promises to leak Vault 7 code archive to tech firms first

Tech firms will get "exclusive access" to Vault 7 tech details to allow them to patch vulnerabilities, says WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

A pivotal point: International privacy

The U.S. and the EU have spent years building privacy agreements. Could it all be coming apart? Danny Bradbury investigates.

Experts not surprised by CIA's leaked cyber weapons, but stunned agency failed to protect them

For several pundits, the scandal isn't so much that the CIA possesses sophisticated spying tools, but that the agency allowed someone to exfiltrate close to 9,000 sensitive files from an isolated, secure network in Langley, Va.

WikiLeaks releases document trove allegedly containing CIA hacking tools

Hacking tools from the isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence have allegedly been released by WikiLeaks which hopes to instigate conversation around the moral use of cyberweapons.

Uber Greyball tool gathered info, tagged riders to avoid law enforcement

The tool was originally developed as part of Uber's violation of terms of service (VTOS) program which helped the company weed out those people who might be misusing its servic

Proposed law would require NYPD to disclose and evaluate surveillance tech

A pair of New York City Council members have proposed a law that would require the NYPD to disclose and evaluate the impact of the surveillance technologies it uses.

EU commish puts Trump on notice about straying from Privacy Shield

Recent U.S. political developments have prompted concern that they threaten the foundation of the EU Privacy Shield.

Pence used AOL for Indiana gov't business, released emails show

Communiques on topics from an FBI update on men arrested on terrorism charges to the security gates at the governor's mansion were included in the emails released to the IndyStar in answer to a public records request.

Yahoo CEO forgoes bonus as 32M breach victims revealed

A recent regulatory filing from Yahoo has revealed more victims of its 2014 breach. This time, it is not just users but Yahoo's senior executives.

White House cybersecurity policy? Anyone? Anyone?

The White House may be inscrutable when it comes to cybersecurity and privacy, but if the Trump-Abe tete-a-tete in Mar-a-Lago proved anything, it's that the administration needs a BYOD policy. Stat. Teri Robinson opines.

Char-IOTs of Fire: Marathon cheater exposed by own fitness tracking device, app

A marathon racer was caught cheating after an investigative blogger detected suspicious data corresponding to both her Strava fitness app and her Garmin 235 fitness band.

Article 29 Working Party still not happy with Windows 10 privacy controls

The EU privacy watchdog has told Microsoft despite changes to the install screen, there is still no clear message of how Microsoft plans to process users' data.

How's he doing, so far?

The cybersecurity and privacy communities have an abundance of advice for Donald Trump as he plots his cyber strategy.

Trump gets mixed reviews on cybersecurity, one month in

The administration has hinted at cybersecurity policy, but no definitive strategy has emerged.