The MailGate from Axway provides full email content management, as well as digital rights management and a little bit of policy compliance, all wrapped up into one appliance. Once this product is deployed, administrators can create policy to protect against virus-infected emails and spam; meet compliance, including HIPPA and GLBA; and control documents through password-protected PDFs.

Installation and deployment of this solution is easy and straightforward. The initial configuration can be done by attaching a keyboard and monitor to the appliance and going through some quick steps to configure network and IP settings. Once the network settings are complete, all further configuration is done through the web GUI, which includes an initial deployment wizard. At the completion of the wizard, the appliance now has all network and license information and is ready for advanced configuration.

All management is also done through the web GUI, which is well organized with a clean layout. The main dashboard offers an overview of statistics and other useful system information. Policy is easy to configure with some default policies already in place, including around compliance. These can be customized, or new policies can be created for more granular control.

Documentation included a quick-start card, setup guide and full administrator guide. The quick-start card and setup guide work together to illustrate initial setup and configuration, while the administrator guide offers in-depth advanced configuration steps and other instructions. Both guides include clear, step-by-step instructions, examples and screen shots.

Axway offers two plans as part of an annual maintenance agreement. Customers can purchase either eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week or 24/7 plans.

At a price of $8,000, this product is a good value for the money. The Axway MailGate offers some solid functionality to protect the enterprise from email threats, as well as added functionality to manage data leakage.