The UVM20 Security Management Appliance from BeyondTrust offers a full set of vulnerability scanning and compliance tools that are well integrated into a single easy-to-use appliance that features the Retina CS Threat Management Console as the center piece of the suite. Using this console, security professionals and system administrators alike can easily find and analyze weaknesses throughout the entire enterprise infrastructure. The Threat Management Console displays - in an easy-to-read contextual format - results and analytics taken from the Retina Network Security Scanner, as well as other compliance-based tools from BeyondTrust.

We found setup to be quite simple, we were up and running in under five minutes. The initial setup of the appliance is done by connecting it to the network and either assigning an IP address manually or letting it acquire a DHCP address. Once the appliance has an address, the web-based setup wizard can be accessed by browsing to the appliance from a web browser. The setup wizard takes just a few minutes and helps with basic appliance settings and licensing. Once setup is complete, the appliance reboots and is ready to begin scanning and analyzing systems throughout the network.

All scanning and job configuration, as well as results analysis and reporting, is done from the web-based management console. We found this to be easy-to-navigate and nicely organized for intuitive browsing. We also found this console to include a multitude of easy-to-read graphs and charts providing a lucid overview of the current security posture throughout the environment. The UVM20 includes the Retina Security Scanner as its vulnerability assessment engine, which we found to be comprehensive and powerful. It can scan for and remediate weakness throughout the network, web, mobile, cloud and virtual infrastructure. 

Documentation was comprised of several PDFs, including a getting-started guide for the appliance itself, along with user guides for the management console and Retina Security Scanner. The getting-started guide offered an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process for getting the appliance initially configured and ready to scan. The user guides were also easy-to-follow and included all configuration and management information in a well-organized format with many examples, screen shots and step-by-step instructions.

BeyondTrust includes eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week phone- and email-based technical support as part of the cost of the product. Customers can also purchase 24/7 assistance at an additional cost. Beyond phone and email aid, customers can also access a large online portal that includes access to resources, such as a knowledge base, user forums, support request management, instructional videos and technical documentation downloads.

At a price starting just shy of $20,000 for software-based, and $25,000 for the appliance for 1,000 assets, we find the UVM20 Security Management Appliance from BeyondTrust to be an excellent value for the money. We find this product to include an excellent feature set, including well-integrated scanning, analyzing and remediation that is easy to use, with reports that are easy to read and understand.