Check Point Software 1180 Next Generation Threat Prevention Appliance (NGTP) is a unified threat management (UTM) firewall, router, gateway and wireless access point. 

NGTP setup was superb. We plugged it in, plugged in the nearest computer with a web browser, and were greeted by a "change the password" box, no default password to look up. We had this UTM running in under three minutes. We never once had to look at the documentation during setup, and everything was intuitive. This may have been the easiest product we have ever set up.

Check Point NGTP has integrated VPN and SSL VPN and this too was simple to set up. It has integrated Wi-Fi, including virtual access points, to host more than one Wi-Fi network; for instance, a guest Wi-Fi. It has simple checkboxes to block security risks, inappropriate content, file-sharing applications and an extensive list of other applications, logging all blocked traffic and syncing that data with users or network devices gathered either manually or through Active Directory. NGTP allows for cellular modems and even an express card slot for cellular networks. 

The real-time logging was pleasant to look at and sending system logs to external servers is a click away. We found it easy to search through thousands of logs, look for hosts infected with malware based on the traffic they have, and even see which ports different machines on the network were currently using. We were able to quickly see the bandwidth services and applications were using, and NGTP was able to sort through the applications at higher risk and even tie that to a username. Generating reports was easy. Like everything else with this device, it was quick and effective and the report generated was simple, beautiful, understandable and useful. 

This offering was so intuitive, we found ourselves looking at the documentation only after conducting most of our review. The documentation is clear, filled with screen shots on nearly every page as well as step-by-step instructions with explanations. Even though we didn't need it, the manual was extremely well made. 

Check Point offers three different support options: Standard, for $228, which includes nine-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week aid, with a response time of four hours; Premium, for $323; and Elite, for $380. Both offer 24/7 support with a 30-minute response time. The difference between Premium and Elite is that Elite has more options for onsite aid. 

Check Point Next Generation Threat Prevention Appliance was one of the best tools we've seen, for a price that can't be beat. It was easy, solid, stable and it had an impressive feature set. We have no hesitation in giving this product our Best Buy designation. - BJ