AlgoSec Security Management arms analysts with actionable visibility across environments to simplify policy management with zero-touch automation capabilities that reduce human errors, identify misconfigurations and ensure continuous compliance. It manages complex network security policies throughout the entire policy lifecycle.

This solution suite consists of three primary components: BusinessFlow, FireFlow and Firewall Analyzer. A fourth optional component, CloudFlow, delivers visibility and control of the cloud security posture.

Everything starts with AutoDiscovery, which defines application entry points and what constitutes a business application. When combined with mapped business application connectivity these foundational elements generate an impact analysis for each application owner. By enriching asset locations and vulnerabilities with contextual business information, AutoDiscovery offers a clear path to minimize risk. It aligns security with business processes for truly business-driven security management.

BusinessFlow accelerates delivery while minimizing outages to maintain security compliance across network environments. BusinessFlow displays several application details, including changes over time, connectivity status and overall vulnerabilities. Flows reveal the connectivity paths that make applications work in an environment, which are different from firewall rules and firewall objects.

FireFlow aids security teams in the change process by saving time with automation, avoiding manual errors and reducing overall risk. It is highly customizable and can automatically identify which firewall policies need to be updated. The adoption of a zero-touch approach traditionally begins with Risk Check, which proactively identifies whether change requests are going to introduce a new risk into an environment. Firewall Analyzer is the final component of this solution suite and is responsible for network abstraction and policy analysis. It automates and simplifies workloads from an operations standpoint through troubleshooting, auditing and risk analysis, then stitches that information together to visualize the network offline.

The most impressive feature of AlgoSec is AlgoBot, a highly intuitive, intelligent chatbot that understands plain English. We were impressed with AlgoBot during past reviews, and this year we were again reminded of how much we like it and why. Virtually all functionality within this platform can be accessed and leveraged through AlgoBot.

Starting price is $5,000. Phone, email and web support. 8 /5 comes standard with the product, or 24/7 for an additional charge. Premium Support is available for a fee.

Tested by Tom Weil