The V-Station is much like the V-Pass (left), but on steroids. This product is also a physical security control device, but rather than just a fingerprint, this reader also uses PIN numbers, prox cards or contactless smart cards. This provides the utmost in biometric integrated security to restricted access areas across the enterprise. This product can be integrated with the other V-Pass readers to provide flexibility as well.

Similar to V-Pass, this tool uses the VeriAdmin software for management, and the setup and enrollment procedure is identical to that of the V-Pass, except for two differences. At the time of enrollment, the user is also assigned a PIN number, which they must enter first before they can have their fingerprint scanned. The second major difference is that this device can use communication over Ethernet, so the management station can be located anywhere on the network, rather than needing a direct connection to the reader itself.

This product performed well in our test. We had no trouble setting up the station and enrolling users. We also liked that we could put the reader into administration mode and set certain parameters on the device itself, such as IP address. This made setting up communication quick and easy.

Documentation is also very similar to the V-Pass documentation mentioned in the previous review. The installation guide and operations manual cover the same topics, but are geared for the V-Station. This documentation also includes the same amount of screen shots, wiring diagrams and charts.

Support offered is the same as mentioned for the V-Pass, as well. The same levels of technical support apply to this product, too.

At a price of $2,175 per reader, this product may seem quite expensive on the surface, but it can integrate several levels of authentication - with biometrics being the icing on the cake. The combined ease of use and management, along with the several authentication factors, make this product a great value for securing highly restricted areas.