BES10 provides device management, security and application management for corporate and BYOD (bring your own device) BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices delivered through a single end-to-end platform. BES10 delivers fast, integrated multi-platform app deployment, as well as encryption behind-the-firewall content without the need for third-party VPNs or add-on security. In addition, BES10 allows administrators to integrate with major messaging platforms, such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Lotus Domino, and can also configure the Nitrodesk Touchdown product. 

BES10 enables separation of work and personal content on corporate-owned and BYOD devices without compromising either user or corporate needs. The Secure Work Space for iOS and Android option ensures work content and applications are secured and separated from personal apps and data. BlackBerry 10 devices managed by BES10 with the gold level enterprise mobility management (EMM) option delivers a device management solution to enable data protection and compliance for government, financial services, regulated and other high-security environments. 

Comprehensive application deployment, management and security provide the ability to push and install mandatory apps and publish recommended apps through a corporate app storefront. Additionally, BlackBerry Web Services allows admins to extend the functionality of the solution and integrate with many of their backend systems. End-users also have access to a powerful self-service portal that gives them the ability to self-provision, decommission and retain command and control of their devices (i.e. wipe, lock, etc.). One of the most impressive features is BES's ability to communicate with mobile devices without opening holes in a client's firewalls. 

BES provided an excellent set of documents, links, videos and other resources making it easy to find solutions to tasks - even tasks chosen at random. Installation was based on a software as a service (SaaS). The SaaS environment was set up as a new client with just a basic construct. It took a matter of minutes to get policies set up, users and groups established, and mobile devices enrolled. From the moment you start working with BES10, it is clear you are dealing with a mature quality product. BlackBerry takes full advantage of the entire infrastructure for the mobile device management (MDM) solution. Most of the MDM products need to open holes in their firewalls to deal with management of mobile devices. BES10 causes almost all of its management functionality to occur behind the BlackBerry infrastructure, greatly reducing the security exposure. This product is fast, rich in features and highly intuitive.

There are three off-the-shelf programs with additional services available for purchase as needed. They include advantage, priority and premium. Advantage level is an entry-level support package. Annual fee is $900 with annual support fee for devices is $4 to $24, so this is best for customers with less than 500 devices. Priority level is best for up to 2,000 devices with an annual support cost of $10,000. Call BES for premium level fees.

The value for money is well spent.