DualShield is an enterprise-grade, unified, multifactor authentication platform that protects all commonly used business applications with a large selection of multifactor authentication methods. This product provides an advanced level of security when identifying and authenticating users. DualShield works in conjunction with other OATH-compliant, one-time password (OTP) hardware tokens, mobile apps, grid cards, as well as Google Authenticator, RSA SecurID, VASCO DigiPass Go tokens and YubiKey.

Deepnet's product was shipped to us with a setup CD and a SafeID OATH token. With the provided documentation, the setup was a breeze. We followed the installer wizard found on the CD and were able to choose between a back-end, front-end or complete installation. The installation type depends on what machine one wants to install the appropriate functionality. By default, a MySQL server and database are installed once the native software is finished downloading. Additional security functionality can be implemented during installation. This provided us with the ability to use SSL for connection to DualShield.

The device was very simple to use. Once installation was complete, to test the authentication capabilities it was necessary to create the identity source, link it to Active Directory, create a domain for the identity source and create a basic Windows logon procedure to test user authentication. Using the installed Self Service module enables administrators to manage end-users, request replacement tokens or even request an emergency login code. Unlike most other two-factor authentication products that commonly provide only one or a few authentication methods, DualShield provides more than 10 authentication methods including token-less on-demand password delivered by SMS, email and voice; token-based mobile app, key fobs, display cards and grid cards; device-based device fingerprinting; biometrics voice, face and keystroke recognition; and PKI certificates and smartcards.

The documentation provided by Deepnet is found on the setup CD, which also gives users links to access further materials. The documentation is clear-cut and well put together and allowed us to easily follow along or find help for procedures to get everything running. Throughout, images aid the user during both installation and setup.

Deepnet provides its clients with both basic no-cost and fee-based support options. Basic no-cost support includes assistance by email, phone and WebEx. The fee-based option offers eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week and 24/7 support for a standard option, which is 20 percent of the list price and a premium, which is 30 percent of the list price. The company's website includes both knowledge base and FAQ assistance.

Overall, DualShield is a complete solution for strong user authentication that is extremely user-friendly, cost-effective and easy to integrate into a customer's existing IT infrastructure. For the price point, functionality provided and security management capabilities of this product, it is a great option for a multifactor authentication solution on one's network.