Novell Identity and Access Management is comprised of three modules: the Identity Manager, which includes user-provisioning tools; the Access Manager, which provides access rights to users, ensuring all users have access to the resources they need; and finally SecureLogin, which adds single credentialing capabilities so users have universal access with just one username and password.

We found this tool to be fairly straightforward to install and deploy. Though it has many parts, we found the hardest part of the deployment was figuring out where and how to download installation media in the vast download area of the website. After we had everything downloaded, installation was pretty straightforward.
Management is another thing that we had a little trouble with. The Identity Manager is less than intuitive to use and it takes some time to get comfortable moving around the management console and configuring the product. With that said, we found this solution to be quite powerful with many configurable options for granular control. The workflow design studio, Designer, is also very nice with a lot of drag-and-drop capability for easy workflow design.

Documentation included several guides and manuals available in both PDF and HTML format. They included several installation and administration guides that we found to be organized in an easy-to-follow format with many step-by-step instructions. However, there was quite a lack of screen shots, which would have helped better illustrate various configurations.

Novell offers several support options for customers, and assistance can be purchased as part of a contract through a lifecycle program.

At a price of about $70 per user for the bundle of the three tools, we find this product to be an average value for the money. While it does have some strong features, we found it to be a little challenging to use and deploy, which may require additional training to get administrators managing the product suite properly.