PhoneFactor v3.0 provides tokenless authentication and identity support through three easy methods of multifactor authentication: phone call (answer and press the # key), text message and voice biometrics. Users simply respond to a phone call or text message from PhoneFactor to authenticate account logins and online transactions. By leveraging a user's existing phone, PhoneFactor enables strong, out-of-band security while also offering convenience for users, ease of implementation for IT departments and a low total cost of ownership.

The solution integrates with a wide range of off-the-shelf applications using RADIUS, Microsoft IIS, form-based authentication, Windows authentication, and its own universal web gateway. PhoneFactor also integrates with Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers for centralized user management. Self-enrollment and management tools streamline user deployment and support for even the largest organizations. This version supports VPN, remote desktop, Citrix Web Interface, Outlook Web Access, RADIUS and website authentication.

For enterprise deployments, PhoneFactor also can be deployed in a high-availability configuration with multiple, synchronized PhoneFactor agents providing redundancy and supporting load balancing.

During the setup of the agent on our server, the hosted system launched a call to my cell phone asking me to hit #, validating my identity before activating the server agent license. We tested RDP (remote desktop) in our lab. The solution worked great, requiring little effort. As we performed our normal login sequence, entered our username and password, PhoneFactor made a call to the phone we programmed and required us to hit # to complete the login. We had our user set up and programmed in minutes.

Support is available and consists of options from incident based up to 24/7.