The PortWise virtual appliance includes the PortWise identity and access management product suite, a software package for enterprises looking to manage all their remote access and user authentication requirements.

There are several components. PortWise 4.8 Assessment inspects the client computer and makes a security assessment before the user is granted access to a resource. This step complements the proceeding user authorization by verifying that the client computer is actually an authorized computer and has been properly protected for things like firewall, virus protection signatures and software updates. Authentication in PortWise 4.8 is a seemingly easy process for the user. All requests flow through a web of specialized servers: the access point, the policy service, the authentication service, and back again. But for the user, the single point of contact is a web browser when accessing resources. Any kind of resource, usually an application, can be accessed through the application portal and the access client.

The product was delivered to us for review as a virtual image running Red Hat Enterprise. A browser-based web interface is used to manage the application. Through the browser we had access to monitor system, manage accounts and storage, manage resource access and manage system sections.

Reporting was good as the solution came with a handful of canned reports. Auditing in PortWise 4.8 can provide central capture of all access to corporate applications and reports.

The PortWise Soft Token is priced at $54.70-$21.55 per user, depending on volume. PortWise SMS (SMS provider charges not included): $54.70-$23.20 per user, depending on volume. PortWise OATH Hardware Token (HT 100): $54.70-$23.20 per user, depending on volume.

The solution did a lot. It took us some time to use and configure our test resources and we didn't have to deal with the software load.