SAI360 for Digital Risk delivers a quick, time-to-value risk management solution with flexibility, scalability and affordability for proactive risk management and business continuity across the enterprise and beyond. SAI Global understands risk can come from anywhere when least expected, with disastrous consequences and has proffered an integrated suite of proven risk and compliance tools to assist with the management and assessment of risk and compliance obligations. The solution is customizable and includes open APIs for the integration of any external data source and additional out-of-the-box integrations with 40-plus security technologies.

SAI360 showcases a comprehensive risk portfolio with integrated risk management and a learning platform to facilitate employee security awareness with training exercises.

It leverages Power BI to display a more detailed view of risk in an Executive Dashboard that has many reporting options, shows a maturity model of risk and features drag-and-drop customizability.

The SAI360 generates risk scores through the Threats and Vulnerabilities hub that provides a standard threat and vulnerability library. Aggregated assessment information is layered over business information to add more context into tactical strategic objectives. The combination of vulnerabilities and threats are run through Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to yield a truly customized risk score. The system feeds the information back into attribute metadata, which the SAI360 uses to identify the Recovery Time Objective value of a business per the business continuity perspective.

Asset components, along with control information and SAI Global’s own recommendations and commentary on current risk plus suggested actions for analysts to take, are included in Control List where risks are accepted and comments are left for collaboration purposes. Approved risks and corresponding comments fall into a workflow engine with conditional if-then statements to drive automation. The offering can generate reports based on the data in Control List.

The Integrated Learning Platform stood out as a big differentiator from other risk management solutions. The platform features embedded relevant learning courses to help employees learn best security practices. It sends out automated phishing campaigns and returns Learner Grades for each user. Learner Group A denotes users who routinely recognize phishing attempts and follow the correct practices and procedures while Learner Group F are users are deemed more likely to fall for phishing attempts. Starting price is $24,000 per year for 500 users or a 400-employee-sized company.

 Tested by Matthew Hreben