FastAccess Enterprise from Sensible Vision offers users the ability to use a webcam on their computer for facial recognition-based authentication. This product will continually track a user's face while in front of the computer. If they step away, the software will automatically lock the session preventing unauthorized access.

We found this product to be easy to use right out of the box. The actual installation of the software takes just a few minutes and is guided by a short installation wizard. After we installed the software, we found enrollment to be just as simple. The enrollment process is guided by a wizard and takes just a few seconds. When the wizard is launched from the desktop, it will learn the user's face and then log them out so they have to login with their password to verify their identity.

This system can be used for access to secure websites requiring usernames and passwords as well. Users can set FastAccess to manage all web logins and various web-based application logins to minimize lost, forgotten or stolen passwords. The only feature we did not find is LDAP and Active Directory integration, which makes administration difficult and hard to manage.

The documentation provided included two PDF manuals. The first was a reviewer's guide and the second was an FAQ list.

Sensible Vision offers 90 days of eight hours a day/five days a week technical support by phone for customers. After 90 days, additional support can be purchased at a cost of 15 percent of the software license price. This support includes 24/7 phone and email technical support. We found the website to have a small support section for home-based users, but nothing for enterprise products.

At a price of $120 per license, we find this product to be an average value for the money. While it is using some cutting-edge technology, we think it has some growing to do before it is fully ready for the enterprise environment. Also, it is only available through partners.