One potential security loophole that is frequently overlooked is access to removable media. Many access control products will bar your way into the file server, log your attempts to look at the payroll database, and prevent you from using certain applications, but this is all at the system level.

There is nothing to stop you from copying vital files (to which you may legitimately have access) to various external media, and passing them to third parties (who certainly don't have legitimate access). Similarly, there is nothing to prevent viruses or other malicious code from being copied onto the network. And, without control over external devices there is nothing to stop your staff from bringing their own files into the office and working on them, rather than entering this month's sales figures.

DeviceLock is a cheap yet effective way of policing the use of removal media such as floppies, Zip drives and CD-ROMs. It can also protect printer ports. Installation is virtually instantaneous for both versions, whether standalone or across the network.

Administrators can decide which devices each user is permitted to access through a simple yet elegant management console. Fine-tuning allows access for specific days or times. In addition, passwords can be enforced to add further security. And, just in case the user decides to rid themselves of the troublesome software, Device-Lock can be set so that it needs a password to be uninstalled. One nice feature is the ability to flush the buffers of any storage device, just to make doubly sure that nothing goes walkabout.

The DeviceLock Manager can be optionally installed on the server, allowing centralized installation, configuration and management. Just for the sake of ease of use it is probably a very wise investment. Alternatively, the basic product can be turned into a batch file for easier installation.

DeviceLock is a jewel of a product, just as suitable for the home user as it is for the largest of enterprises. If you are concerned about what's being slipped into - or out of - your network, DeviceLock is well worth downloading from the web site for a free trial.