The Fischer solution is postured to help organizations drive (not react to) their identity management solutions. Fischer Identity v5.0 is an amazing product. There are few times that a product comes along that so exceeds expectation that you wonder why everyone is not using it. We were impressed with the unique way the product simplifies, accelerates and automates the complex task of managing identities for on- and off-premise resources with no limits to scalability or reach, and ensures constant access to creativity and innovation. The product is feature-rich, including but not limited to protection of sensitive and critical assets by approving or revoking access through a process that analyzes the attributes of a user's need to access the data. The product takes role-based access controls and enhances the decision process to provide granular attribute-filtering so approvals and rejections can occur, not because the user ID is in some form of a broad bucket, but because their granular responsibilities warrant the access. This automated role and account management solution adds, changes and revokes user access to IT and physical and logical assets. Fischer's positive approval access and provisioning solution is driven to key stakeholders for the development of automation of workflows that allow them to visualize the decision tree. Fischer helps certification of access, helps identify and remediates policy violations, and quickly creates reports for internal use as well as for auditors. 

Fischer offers a number of support options based on whether one is purchasing the product or enrolling in Fischer's software as a service (SaaS) offering. The company offers a basic no-cost solution for SaaS customers. Purchasing customers have two fee-based options: Option 1 for on-premise customers provides 24/7 technical support and product upgrades. Option 2 provides additional remote administration by Fischer and may also include product updates, workflow and policy design, technical support and more. Option 1 fees are 22 percent of product cost, while Option 2 is quoted separately. 

Product pricing includes: on-premise software product from $22.80 per user (10,000 users) for user provisioning, password management, access termination, privileged account access, and identity compliance modules as well as connectivity to all commercially viable systems and applications, as well as self-service portal access. Single module purchases start at $7.60 per user (10,000 users) and includes connectivity to all commercially viable systems and applications. Pricing does not include hardware or prerequisite software (operating system, and more). SaaS pricing starts at three cents per user per day based on 10,000 users for the provisioning, password management, self-service, privileged account access, and identity compliance modules. Basic provisioning cost is from one cent per user per day (10,000 users) for basic provisioning and professional services for day-to-day operations only. This includes connectivity to all commercially viable systems and applications and does not include the hardware and system software for the gateway. The cost of this product (whether one is choosing the purchase or SaaS model) is money well spent.